HK Audio introduces LINEAR 3 series and new LINEAR SUB basses

HK Audio has introduced a brand new series of high-performance active speakers – LINEAR 3 – and has added two new active models to the LINEAR SUB family of subwoofers.

LINEAR 3 delivers top-notch sound for bands and DJs in every scenario, offering beautifully balanced, high definition sound, impressive low-end, clear speech reproduction, and advanced DSP technology, all packaged in a strong and confident design – and all made to premium standards in Germany.

The first members of the LINEAR 3 family are the 12”/1” L3 112 FA, the 15”/1” L3 115 FA and the multipurpose 12”/1” L3 112 XA – which functions superbly both as a top and as an onstage monitor.  

The technology behind LINEAR 3 makes it simple for performers to achieve great audio results every time, even if they have no sound engineer or a thorough pro audio knowledge themselves. Four EQ presets – Bass Boost, Flat (LF), Flat (HMF) and Contour, two of which are active at any one time – provide plenty of options for shaping the sound to perfectly fit the music style, venue and audience.  

In addition, the LINEAR 3 mid/high units offer plenty of headroom thanks to their 1,200-watt class D power amps, Intelligent Multiband Limiters ensure tonal integrity at every volume level, and precision directivity means the sound will go straight to the audience, with few unwanted reflections occurring.  
They are also ideal to be used in conjunction with LINEAR SUB subwoofers, including the new 15” L SUB 1500 A and the 18” L SUB 1800 A. The serious low-end punch the L SUB 1500 A and the L SUB 1800 A deliver is similarly suited to the LINEAR 5 series, and they can also be used to extend the ELEMENTS ‘Base’ systems. Flexible and powerful, the new subwoofers are each equipped with a stereo input, meaning they can be easily be configured in half stacks, full stacks, 2.1 setups, and in mono sub clusters.

Alexander Wollenberg, HK Audio’s Product Manager, said: “LINEAR 3 is the easiest way to impress your audience. Whether you’re a PA system expert or prefer to focus entirely on giving your best possible performance, LINEAR 3 gives you optimal results in seconds thanks to our groundbreaking technology, a bunch of logical yet innovative design features, and made-in-Germany quality. Plus, if you need an extra dose of thumping low-end power, the new LINEAR SUB basses are the perfect add-on. LINEAR 3 offers top performance you can trust in – every single time.”

The LINEAR 3 series and the new LINEAR SUB models are available now (with the exception of the L3 112 XA, which hits stores in fall 2017). For more information, visit http://hkaudio.com/products.php?sid=36  


EASE Focus 3 data update

We are happy to announce an update of the EASE Focus 3 simulation data for the majority of the HK Audio product range.

(Not included are the LUCAS, LUCAS NANO, PREMIUM PR:O and PULSAR families.)

The modernized EASE and EASE Focus 3 data sets are available to download now from the download section of the HK Audio website. Simply select the product series you need the data for and the document type "EASE Files": www.hkaudio.com/downloads.php

We also recommend that users download the free version of EASE Focus 3: www.focus.afmg.eu


New Power Rack solutions for rental products

A powerful new pair of Power Racks for the rental sector: the Power Rack 8 PLM+ and the Power Rack 16 PLM+.

A much-requested addition to the HK Audio product portfolio, the new racks are the result of design and research conducted with the needs of the modern-day customer in mind. They consist of the new HK Audio Patchbay PB-8 (an upgrade of the older PB-6 models) and the Lab.GRUPPEN PLM+ 12K44 controller amp: the Power Rack 8 PLM+ contains one of each item, and the Power Rack 16 PLM+ two.

Key in the thinking behind the new Power Racks was their suitability to the marketplace in 2017 and beyond, so the new systems feature everything the contemporary rental customer could require: state-of-the-art technology, impressive power to effortlessly drive sizeable systems, extremely low latency, flexible ease of use across a range of applications, an affordable price point, and the excellent sound reproduction standards HK Audio users expect.

Marc-Oliver Mayer, HK Audio Product Manager (Rental & Installation), said: “We always want to respect the needs of the HK Audio customer, and this time their requirements were clear. They wanted a technologically up-to-date and universally usable tool to power all their rental applications, and this is exactly what we have given them. The new Power Racks are a one-stop solution for so many different sound reinforcement situations, because they can power any HK Audio rental system.”  

The Power Rack 8 PLM+ and the Power Rack 16 PLM+ are available now.

For more information, visit:

Power Rack 8 PLM+:  hkaudio.com/products.php?id=470/span>

Power Rack 16 PLM+: hkaudio.com/products.php?id=469


VORTIS systems now easier to plan thanks to new EASE Focus 3 data update

HK Audio users planning VORTIS system setups now have an easier job: the VORTIS simulation data has been revised for the EASE Focus 3 acoustic simulation program to all the latest standards.

What’s more, data is now included for all cluster variants as well as for individual speakers.

The EASE and EASE Focus 3 data sets are available to download now from the download section of the HK Audio website. Simply select the product line "VORTIS" and the document type "EASE Files": hkaudio.com/downloads.php

We also recommend that users download the free version of EASE Focus 3: focus.afmg.eu

As well as VORTIS, an Ease Focus 3 data update is planned for the rest of the HK Audio product portfolio (except the LUCAS, PULSAR and PREMIUM PR: O families).    


LUCAS NANO 600 series system packages hit stores

HK Audio has introduced four new LUCAS NANO 600 series system sets designed to give users all the compact stereo PA power and accessories they need in a convenient, price-saving package.

The four packages available are the LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System, the LUCAS NANO 608i Stereo System, the LUCAS NANO 608i/602 Twin Stereo System, and the LUCAS NANO 602/602 Twin Stereo System.

The two Stereo System packages allow users to build a 2.1 stereo rig in seconds flat, using their LUCAS NANO unit of choice and the König & Meyer Stereo Stand Add-On set. Made in Germany to the highest quality standards, the set includes two König & Meyer stands to connect the NANO satellites, and two speaker cables featuring Neutrik® speakON connectors.  
In total, the 2.1 Stereo System weighs just 22.7 kg / 50 lbs., meaning users can carry their entire setup to the gig in just one hand and then treat audiences of up to 120 with incredible stereo sound.

The two Twin Stereo System packages – which deliver powerful 920 watts of extraordinary stereo sound for crowds of up to 200 – feature two LUCAS NANO units plus a stereo link cable and two of HK Audio’s S-Connect Pole LN signal-routing speaker poles.

Quick, easy, and cable-free to transport and set up, the Twin Stereo Systems offer a huge stereo sound most crowds would only expect to hear from a much bigger, heavier PA, with plenty of thumping low-end, an abundance of headroom, and crystal-clear projection and speech intelligibility throughout the venue.

Rüdiger Forse, HK Audio’s Senior Product Manager, said: “Life is stereo, so it’s only natural that we offer our LUCAS NANO users the easiest, most affordable way to a full-on stereo PA setup too. These new stereo packages are a breeze to transport and setup, and their superior, room-filling sound quality – all thanks to our decades of German engineering experience – will get any party started!”   The LUCAS NANO 600 system packages are available now. 
For more information visit the following individual sub pages:

LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System 
LUCAS NANO 608i Stereo System 

LUCAS NANO 602/602 System 

LUCAS NANO 608i/602 System 


Comprehensive HK Audio installation for South Korea’s Nam Seoul Grace church

South Korea’s Nam Seoul Grace church has made a major upgrade to its sound system with the installation of a comprehensive HK Audio setup based around COHEDRA, CONTOUR, VORTIS and ELEMENTS Install products.  

The 1,800 capacity building – which measures 32 meters wide, 32 meters long and 14 meters high – is used as a gymnasium and event hall during the week, and as a church at weekends.  

Because of the venue’s size and the varied events that take place in it, the owners had been searching for an audio upgrade for some time. The previous sound system could not sufficiently reach the church’s upper balcony level, and long delay times meant unclear speech reproduction was common.  

After an HK Audio demonstration from Sama ProSound (HK Audio’s official distribution partner in South Korea) during a Sunday worship service, however, the solution became clear and a new system was planned.  

The installation is composed of COHEDRA and CONTOUR as the main front PA, with VORTIS covering that challenging upper balcony space and ELEMENTS filling in around the sides of the venue.  

For an in-depth case study on the installation see the following report in Worship AVL magazine: https://tinyurl.com/hkaudioinstallation-southkorea  

Equipment list
Main speaker system:

16 x HK Audio COHEDRA CDR 208 S/ T  
8 x HK Audio CDR 210 SUB
4 x HK Audio CT 108
1 x HK Audio FirNet
3 x HK Audio CPQ 10
1 x Lab.gruppen IPD 2400
Balcony speaker system:
2 x HK Audio VR 10810
5 x HK Audio VR 11214
1 x Lab.gruppen IPD 1200
2 x Lab.gruppen IPD 2400
Choir and monitor speakers: 
6 x HK Audio E 435
2 x HK Audio E 110 SUB AS
2 x HK Audio EP1
2 x HK Audio EF 4
6 x HK Audio CT 112
2 x Lab.gruppen IPD 2400 


HK Audio at Integrated Systems Europe 2017

German sound reinforcement firm HK Audio will have a stellar presence at the ISE 2017 show in Amsterdam in February, with the best of its pro audio installation portfolio on display throughout.

Among the lines visitors will be able to check are the VORTIS range, along with the accompanying Lab.gruppen IPD controllers, and the ELEMENTS INSTALL series. Portable PA enthusiasts will also be able to get hands-on with the compact LUCAS NANO 608i, the first ever all-in-one-PA with an iPad-enabled mixer.  

HK Audio’s product specialists, application support and sales team will be on hand throughout the show to give attendees the lowdown all the products on display, as well as any other information they may require, and the firm’s burgeoning Business Solutions division will be present to offer customers a range of professional installation solutions.

Andreas Marx, HK Audio’s Head Of Marketing Communications, said: “We’re looking forward to another strong showing at ISE in 2017. With our nearly 40 years of made in Germany heritage and experience in the pro audio field, we’re proud to now be expanding our expertise in the installation field too with our HK Business Solutions team, who will be welcoming all installation inquiries at the show.”

The HK Audio stand at ISE 2017 is situated in Hall 7, at Location Q195.

For more information, visit the ISE website: www.iseurope.org/exhibitors/?permalink=hk-audio


HK Audio joins forces with König & Meyer for new accessory range

German music industry powerhouses HK Audio and König & Meyer are joining forces from 2017.
HK Audio’s globally renowned range of pro audio systems will – as of spring 2017 – benefit from a range of accessories tailor-made in Germany by König & Meyer.

The first available product is the Stereo Stand Add-On option for the compact LUCAS NANO 600 series systems, which has been introduced at the 2017 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California, with more to follow over the coming months.

Nils Stamer
, HK Audio’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We’re extremely happy to be able to partner with König & Meyer. Just like us, they value their decades of ‘Made In Germany’ heritage, and just like us, their products are internationally recognized as the best in their class. Together, we’re looking forward to injecting all our collective knowledge and knowhow into this new range of accessories to help make 2017 the best year yet for HK Audio and our users!”

Gabriela König
, CEO of König & Meyer, said: “We are proud to be collaborating with HK Audio. Together, our companies have over 100 years of tradition and experience in the music business, with both brands being synonymous in their respective sectors for sophistication and high-quality, innovative products. I look forward to us now being able to pool our resources to improve the HK Audio experience for the brand’s customers and users worldwide.”

For more information, visit the following websites.
LUCAS NANO 602: http://hkaudio.com/products.php?id=465
König & Meyer:



HK Audio has unveiled LUCAS NANO 602 the latest and most affordable member of their LUCAS NANO 600 series of professional, portable PA systems.

LUCAS NANO 602 is the ideal compact PA for any musician or DJ who prefers to use their own external mixer. Featuring one stereo input, it delivers the LUCAS NANO family’s standard “professional sound to go”, and can be set up for its optimized use as a 2.1 stereo system in seconds. It also combines easily and quickly with any other 600 series NANO to form a powerful Twin Stereo system where even more power is required.

Weighing in at just 16.3 kg/36 lbs, LUCAS NANO 602 can be transported in just one hand, with the satellites mounted inside the subwoofer. And despite its small size, it houses a number of groundbreaking HK Audio technologies. These include the Multicell Transformer, which delivers the quality performance of a large high-frequency horn at a fraction of the size, and Anti-Resonance Bracing, which ensures that the subwoofer uncompromisingly converts every single watt of power into pure low-end energy.

Rüdiger Forse
, HK Audio’s Senior Product Manager, said: “LUCAS NANO 602 continues the NANO family philosophy of offering an incredible sounding and versatile PA in an ultra-compact and lightweight format. It’s so simple to use – setting it up is an absolute breeze! With its amazing sonic power, crystal-clear response and up to 130 dB SPL, LUCAS NANO 602 is the perfect way to bring your music to life for up to 200 people!”

Experience LUCAS NANO 602 in the flesh at the HK Audio booth (Hall A #6440, KORG) at NAMM 2017, and get the full lowdown on the official HK Audio website now: http://hkaudio.com/products.php?id=465


Powering Angelo Kelly’s Irish Christmas 2016 Tour

Long-time HK Audio devotee Angelo Kelly played his biggest set of solo shows to date in December 2016 – the Angelo Kelly & Family Irish Christmas Tour – so he needed a system that could keep up.

After discussing his needs with the HK Audio team, a comprehensive system was built up to deal with the varied 1,000 to 3000-capacity venues the tour would stop at, and a busy stage show featuring a variety of acoustic instruments and six vocalists.

The main PA comes courtesy of COHEDRA, with a set of CONTOUR near fills and onstage monitoring looked after by the PREMIUM PR:O D range.

We visited Angelo and crew for the band’s show in Limburg on December 14. Angelo and sound engineer Sean took us through the system and told us all about life on the road with HK Audio: