HK Audio set to make the biggest product launch in its history at Prolight + Sound 2018

HK Audio is preparing to roll out the largest product launch in the firm’s 35+ year history at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Germany. In the last year, HK Audio has taken on a number of new audio specialists, and this new team has been instrumental in the development of the new pro audio range, which will be on display at HK Audio’s main Prolight + Sound booth, located at Hall 3.1 E91.

First up is the COSMO integrative line array system family, which is comprised of three different system models and was developed under the premise of offering an extremely flexible and easily configurable solution in the professional PA sector. COSMO combines state-of-the-art audio qualities with ingeniously simple handling and unbeatable economic efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Next up is CONTOUR X, a new point source PA flagship series designed to offer extreme sound pressure levels from compact solid birch multiplex enclosures. CONTOUR X features modern high-performance woofers, 24 dB crossovers and newly developed horns with extra wide mouths, which significantly reduce unwanted distortion and increase the maximum usable SPL by several decibels. The new C SUB subwoofer series – made up of the C SUB 118 and the C SUB 218 cabinets – fits seamlessly with all COSMO and CONTOUR X speakers. Their high efficiency and extremely high load capacity ensure unusually large dynamic headroom down to the lowest frequency ranges. HK Audio first released details of the new EN 54-24:2008-certified VORTIS 2 series at the Integrated Systems Europe trade show in Amsterdam in February 2018. Now, for Prolight + Sound, the entire range of loudspeakers designed for demanding installation projects will be on display.

Dipl. Ing. Lothar Stamer, HK Audio’s CEO, said: “With COSMO, CONTOUR X and VORTIS 2, we’re beginning a new chapter in the history of HK Audio, and we’re delighted to be able to unveil these multi-faceted audio solutions for the first time at Prolight + Sound.”

COSMO C 8 top unit – first component of a newly conceived, highly integrative line array system set to debut
HK Audio’s new COSMO line array system combines supreme audio quality with ingeniously simple handling, utmost utility and remarkable economy to provide an extremely flexible, easily configurable PA for professionals.

COSMO raises the performance bar for line arrays, setting a whole new standard for productivity and efficiency. Integrative and versatile by design, it delivers measurably higher effective SPL in the HF range than comparable systems. With horizontal directivities of 100°, 80° and 60°, this upcoming family of ultra flexible speakers will provide the bandwidth needed to cover the most diverse live scenarios. 

The COSMO C 8 top unit is set to debut at Prolight + Sound 2018. The C 8’s 80° horizontal directivity makes it the central building block for a set of mix-and-match systems designed to provide blanket coverage for the entire audience area. With the benefit of HK Audio’s proprietary Multicell Transformer technology, these speakers deliver state-of-the-art audio performance, even at high sound pressure levels. Matched 6.5”, 8” and 10” speakers will feature prominently in forthcoming COSMO modules to back up the Multicell Transformer’s HF performance with powerful, assertive low-mid range response.

COSMO components are not only tuned to harmonize acoustically; they are also engineered for a perfect physical and mechanical fit. Haulage and storage are exercises in convenience and utility with these space-saving enclosures. Every top unit shares the same 60 cm x 45 cm footprint so individual components are easily connected without having to fuss with hardware adapters. These units fit right on top of one another, so there is no heavy lifting, twisting and turning to be done to set up a system. The array’s curvature can be adjusted in advance on the dolly, so rigging and flying a COSMO line array is as easy as it gets.
Economic efficiency in action:
  • Far fewer components cover all FOH system requirements for most users
  • More mileage and gigging time out of each component
  • Simplified storage and logistics
  • Easier handling, faster to set up and tear down
  • Much smaller footprint in the warehouse
  • A lot less training – once is enough, rather than three times for three systems
  • Better long-term investment – one system builds on the next and may be extended in small steps
  • Far lower cost of ownership, far higher return on investment
The bottom line: COSMO’s unprecedented multi-system concept is more economical. In other words, COSMO makes a lot more business sense.

CONTOUR X – launching the new point source flagship at Prolight + Sound 2018

Our acoustical engineers had but one mission in mind for our flagship line of point source speakers – to get the most out of these remarkably compact housings. They succeeded. The latest in high-performance woofers from industry-leading makers deliver impressive bass response.

 The 24 dB crossovers and the newly developed horns with unusually large apertures reduce the overlap between the bass and HF channels to conjure richly detailed, articulate mids. This high-fidelity audio performance has another invaluable practical advantage: the minimized distortion increases the effective maximum sound pressure level by several dB.
The new CONTOUR X series’ hard-wearing housings are built to withstand the rigors of the road and deliver years and years of reliable service on the touring circuit. The solid birch multiplex enclosures are certainly tough enough. Painstakingly crafted at the HK Audio joinery in St. Wendel, Germany, they come with an extremely rugged PU finish and a steel front grille treated with an anticorrosive coating. And with ingress protection that is compliant with IP44 regulations, CONTOUR X speakers are very good at keeping dirt and moisture at bay.

Everything about these speakers is engineered for the realities of life on the road. With rotatable horns, four NL4 Speakon ports with Pin Assignment switches, two different monitor angles, many rigging and mounting options, and much more, this highly practical feature set is extensive enough to satisfy the demands of diverse applications. The ready-to-go tuning is another no-muss, no-fuss timesaving feature: CONTOUR X speakers deliver professional quality right out of the box, even without a controller.

CONTOUR X was designed from the bottom up to be an integrative part of the new HK AUDIO rental portfolio. That means the power amp racks, software and C-Sub series subwoofers are all a perfect match and seamless fit for both CONTOUR X and the COSMO line arrays. This saves you money, training time and storage space.

Speech reinforcement, on-stage monitoring, club FOH, front-fills—CONTOUR X can do most of everything and all of it well. Practically every event benefits from having CONTOUR X on hand.
  • Effective maximum sound pressure level while ultra-precise coverage of frequency spectrum andminimal distortion.
  • Solid birch multiplex construction for the demands on the road and long-lasting touring
  • Including a vast, praxis-oriented equipment
  • Many rigging and mounting options
  • Highly-integrative system and part of the new HK Audio rental portfolio


HK Audio raises the curtain on ELEMENTS GALA

HK Audio has raised the curtain on ELEMENTS GALA, the next evolutionary advance in the German pro audio company’s ELEMENTS series.

An all-in-one stereo columnar system with all the components of a full-blown PA, ELEMENTS GALA features a vastly extended sub-bass range, a top end with even greater definition, and more powerful, punchier low mids.

ELEMENTS GALA comes with all the components needed to get the show started straight away – four E 835 columnar tops (each loaded with eight 3.5” high-performance speakers), a 15” system subwoofer to power the whole operation, two EF 45 bases, two EP 2 extension poles for applications requiring raised speakers, and two LS 10 Speakon cables.

When the venues get very big or the music requires even more muscular bass, ELEMENTS GALA can also be extended using an HK AUDIO L SUB 1500 A subwoofer. It’s a perfect fit, acoustically and visually.

Julian Fischer, HK Audio Product Manager, said: “Over the last couple of years, we asked many avid ELEMENTS users what they want. More bass, loftier highs and stronger low mids were at the top of their wish list. So we came up with a spot-on way of satisfying precisely these wishes – ELEMENTS GALA. We deployed a next-generation digital controller that lets us incisively shape the response. On top of that, our newly developed Class D power amps deliver plenty of power to provide the headroom that this far more dynamic response requires.”

These new electronic components are built into ELEMENTS GALA's powered subwoofer, helping it to enrich an already stunning audio experience with its impressive low-end performance. The new subwoofer is also available separately for users of legacy ELEMENTS systems who wish to step up to ELEMENTS GALA-style sound quality.

ELEMENTS GALA is available from March 1, 2018 on the European market. 
Discover ELEMENTS GALA here: http://hkaudio.com/products.php?id=546


Lake Controller Software is featuring HK Audio Presets

With the release of the new Lake Controller Software V6.6.1 by Mid-January 2018, there is a new Lake LoadLibrary available. From now on, users can officially take advantage of implemented HK Audio products of the CONTOUR series, COHEDRA series, as well as the COHEDRA Compact.
As usual, you can download the new software version as well as the LoadLibrary under  www.labgruppen.com.  



HK Audio ELEMENTS the new sound system of choice for Lenzie Union Church of Scotland

HK Audio’s ELEMENTS series forms the backbone of a substantial new PA setup for Lenzie Union Church of Scotland.

Scottish integrators and installers, Toasty Audio, have been working with Lenzie Union Church of Scotland, on the outskirts of Glasgow, to deliver a brand-new audio system throughout the main sanctuary area.

Key to the solution is clarity and intelligibility of the music and especially the spoken word. As a traditional building, the main sanctuary is long and tall with a balcony to the rear.

“To deliver a consistent and distributed volume, we chose HK Audio ELEMENTS E 435 mini line arrays for mid/highs throughout,” said Alaistair Deacon, owner/engineer at Toasty Audio. “Three pairs of E 435s are mounted along each length of the sanctuary with an additional pair as side-fill in the transept area. The excellent directivity spreads the sound evenly throughout the area, while minimizing reflections from the ceilings and floors, providing the clarity required.”

Bass is handled by two HK Audio E 210 SUB AS subwoofers on the floors in front of the main organ pipes.

Mixing and system integration is managed with the new PreSonus StudioLive Series III console and three Lab.gruppen E 8:2 Class D installation amplifiers. Multiple matrix outputs with associated EQ and delays were programmed into the StudioLive desk, driving the E 8:2s directly without any additional speaker management processors. Delays were set up throughout the system to minimise the reverberant effects within the long room. The StudioLive desk also provides for sermon recordings direct to SD card.

Margaret McCartney, convener of the communications team, said, "We were delighted with the way the team from Toasty Audio worked closely with us and the Church of Scotland's Committee on Church Art and Architecture to ensure that the installation met all the architecture guidelines, with the speakers being very discrete and all the cabling hidden within the wall.”

The Rev Dan Carmichael said: “I was so impressed with the sound of the HK Audio speakers when they were demonstrated. I didn’t know that different speakers would have such an impact on the sound quality.”

The main sound system was complemented with HK Audio PREMIUM PR:0 10 XD monitors for the band area.


Presenting VORTIS 2, the first EN 54-24-certified install speakers, at the ISE show in Amsterdam

HK Audio is set to present the first of its new VORTIS 2 series install speakers developed in collaboration with Gräf & Meyer, a company specializing in evacuation systems, at the 2018 Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam.

The outcome of a successful open alliance will feature prominently in Hall 7, Booth R205 at the event, which is the world’s largest AV systems integration show.

These debut VORTIS 2 speakers are certified to EN 54-24:2008 and all future models of this line will follow suit. With this certification from the independent accredited testing institute CNBOP-PIB, these speakers can serve the dual purpose of sound reinforcement and voice alarming.

VORTIS 2 speakers deliver high sound pressure levels and provide the variable directivity needed to satisfy the statutory standards for speech intelligibility even in environments with challenging acoustics and high noise levels.

Fabian Reimann, HK Audio Application Support Engineer and Product Manager Installation, said: “Things soon get complicated in a lot of projects where the requirements for harmonized safety standards, sound reinforcement technology and system integration converge. Working with our electronics partner Gräf & Meyer, we want to provide the support technical planners, building services engineers, architects and system integrators need to successfully execute even very complex projects. The first EN 54-24-certified loudspeakers from HK Audio are an important tile in the mosaic on the path to implementing our new service offering.”


HK Audio begins collaboration with Gräf & Meyer

HK Audio has entered into a non-exclusive collaboration with the German electro-acoustic alarm system firm Gräf & Meyer.

The partnership sees the companies moving towards offering a range of services that focus on the complex domain of standard-compliant and high-quality audio playback in voice alarm and evacuation systems.

The goal of the cooperation is to offer architects, planners, project developers and integrators a comprehensive package of products, partners and services to meet all their various needs and demands.

Nils Stamer, HK Audio CEO, said: "Venues and spaces that are challenging to fit with appropriate public address systems can be even more complex when it comes to the technical implementation of a sufficient voice alarm system. Now, with the partnership between HK Audio and Gräf & Meyer, we are opening a new chapter for both companies, with pro audio technology and alarm system technology coming together to meet these demanding requirements.”

The first results of the collaboration are set to be unveiled at the Integrated Systems Europe 2018 trade show in Amsterdam in February, where the HK Audio booth can be found at location 7-R205.

More information on ISE: iseurope.org


Huge global #LifeIsStereo competition: win a custom white LUCAS 2K!

HK Audio has launched a mammoth online competition and giveaway to celebrate and spread the joys of stereo sound reproduction.

The Life Is Stereo contest runs until April 30 2018, and fans are being asked to send in the most creative picture they can think on the theme. Prizes for winners include a one-off custom white LUCAS 2K15 system, a LUCAS NANO 608i Stereo System, and a LUCAS NANO 305 FX Stereo System.

HK Audio’s award-winning LUCAS systems have been the go-to choice for thousands of users over the last 20 years, and all can be operated in stereo. The reasons why stereo is typically the optimum way to experience audio are detailed on the Life Is Stereo website.

Nicolas Petit, HK Audio’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “The best way to experience great sound is in stereo – life is stereo, after all! With the Life Is Stereo competition, we want to help raise awareness of this sometimes-forgotten fact to music makers and fans all over the world, to help make their lives and performances sound better. I wish everyone taking part in the competition the best of luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing your entries!”

The competition is now open for entries. Full information on how to enter and terms and conditions can be found on the HK Audio Life Is Stereo website: hkaudio.com/life-is-stereo


HK Audio set for a big presence at Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse 2018

HK Audio will present a comprehensive range of new products in Hall 3.1 at Prolight + Sound 2018.

An exciting LUCAS NANO experience will also be presented in Hall 4.1, which is part of both Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse.

In addition, HK Audio will be co-organizer of the complementary program of events in Hall 4.1, as well as Technology Sponsor of the ‘Business Academy’ lecture area in Hall 11.1.

The news marks the return of Music & Sales P.E. GmbH – HK Audio’s parent company – to the Frankfurt event, after not being present in 2017.

Nicolas Petit, HK Audio’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We will have numerous new pro audio products with us at Prolight + Sound 2018 – the most we’ve had for ten years. The fair is the ideal setting for a product launch because we can reach not only professional users there but also our worldwide sales partners and international trade journalists. The new concept for Hall 4.1 also represents an exciting approach and gives us the opportunity to interest musicians, entertainers and DJs using our new LUCAS NANO portable stereo PAs.”

Michael Biwer, Group Show Director of the ‘Entertainment, Media & Creative Industries’ Business Unit of Messe Frankfurt, said: “HK Audio has stood for top quality sound ‘Made in Germany’ for over 30 years – for both PA professionals and musicians. We are delighted that Music & Sales will return to Frankfurt in 2018 and to reach out individually to its target groups by making presentations in several different halls. Moreover, the company is the perfect Technology Partner for the stage in Hall 11.1 and we are looking forward to a variety of interesting events there.”

Specific details of the HK Audio events at Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse will be announced in the run up to the shows.

Useful links:

Prolight + Sound: www.prolight-sound.com

Musikmesse: www.musikmesse.com


The new generation of the LUCAS NANO family

HK Audio has introduced the new generation of its bestselling LUCAS NANO family of portable, high-performance stereo PA systems: new for November 2017 are the LUCAS NANO 302, LUCAS NANO 305 FX and LUCAS NANO 605 FX, joining the already available 608i and 602 models.

The award-winning LUCAS NANO family – which is the only genuine active stereo PA series that can be carried in one hand – is now made up of five individual models across two power classes. A range of different features and options means there is a NANO to suit any need or application.

All adhere to the classic LUCAS NANO format: incredible audio performance in an ultra-compact and exceedingly lightweight package. Each LUCAS NANO model includes an active subwoofer that delivers huge amounts of low end. The subwoofer powers the two fist-sized satellites which, when not in use, are stored within the subwoofer itself.

The LUCAS NANO family is exceptionally easy to scale up or down – two units can be used together as a powerful Twin Stereo System – and all set up in seconds flat.
The flagship LUCAS NANO 608i features 8 channels, controlled via an onboard digital mixer or using a free App for iPad which features additional EQ and compressor functions. With enough inputs to plug in a whole band in, and other features like Bluetooth audio streaming, the 608i is the portable PA for any environment – and it can be mixed wirelessly from anywhere in the venue.

The all-new LUCAS NANO 605 FX is a superb all-rounder, ideally suited for anyone from musicians and bands to DJs and public speakers. Featuring five inputs, built-in reverb effects and Bluetooth audio streaming, LUCAS NANO 605FX is ready for any audio occasion.

For musicians, DJs and entertainers who want to use their own external mixer, DJ controller or playback device, the LUCAS NANO 602 is perfect – its simple interface and single stereo input make it incredibly simple and quick to get ready for show time. Its simplicity also makes it the ideal second unit in a Twin Stereo System.

Finally, the all-new LUCAS NANO 305 FX and 302 are slightly smaller in size, power and weight than their 605FX and 602 counterparts, but include the same input options and features. Supremely practical to transport and set up in a huge variety of locations, the 305FX and 302 are set to become top choices for audio fans who are seeking a better sounding lifestyle.

Rüdiger Forse, HK Audio’s Senior Product Manager, said: “The second generation of the LUCAS NANO family will make anyone’s world sound bigger and better! We’ve built in highly requested features, such as reverb, to some models, and our groundbreaking technologies like the Multicell Transformer on the 608i, 605FX and 602 systems make sure your performance will sound incredible, wherever and however you use them. “Plus, whether you’re a musician, public speaker, fitness instructor or a home entertainment fan, LUCAS NANO’s ease of handling and the various setup options mean there’s a solution for you… and up to 200 friends!”
The classic LUCAS NANO 600 and 300 models will now be phased out, and replaced by the 605 FX and 305 FX models. However, the classic models will combine perfectly with the new models, for example in a Twin Stereo System.

The LUCAS NANO 608i, 602 and 302 are available now, while the 305 FX and 605 FX will be available in late November 2017. 


LUCAS NANO now more affordable than ever

Good news, portable PA fans: we have significantly reduced the suggested retail prices of our LUCAS NANO 608i and LUCAS NANO 602 portable active stereo PA systems.

With more than 50,000 LUCAS NANO systems sold since the family was first introduced five years ago, the global success story continues – and high production volumes have resulted in lower production costs, which we are able to pass on to you, the user, in the form of a better deal.

The European suggested retail prices – prices instore are typically much lower still – have changed as follows:

reduced from €1,783.81 to €1,545.81   
reduced from €1,188.81 to €1,069.81  

This means you can now make an instant saving of €238 on the flagship LUCAS NANO 608i, while the price reductions also mean that the two-unit LUCAS NANO Stereo and Twin Stereo Systems have become much more affordable.  

Check out LUCAS NANO here: http://hkaudio.com/products.php?sid=32