Powering Angelo Kelly’s Irish Christmas 2016 Tour

Long-time HK Audio devotee Angelo Kelly played his biggest set of solo shows to date in December 2016 – the Angelo Kelly & Family Irish Christmas Tour – so he needed a system that could keep up.

After discussing his needs with the HK Audio team, a comprehensive system was built up to deal with the varied 1,000 to 3000-capacity venues the tour would stop at, and a busy stage show featuring a variety of acoustic instruments and six vocalists.

The main PA comes courtesy of COHEDRA, with a set of CONTOUR near fills and onstage monitoring looked after by the PREMIUM PR:O D range.

We visited Angelo and crew for the band’s show in Limburg on December 14. Angelo and sound engineer Sean took us through the system and told us all about life on the road with HK Audio:


ELEMENTS: the perfect rehearsal studio PA

A renowned Belgian rehearsal studio has kitted out its main performance space with a series of ELEMENTS Line Base systems.

ST Events, which regularly plays host to some of the country’s most famous musical performers and acts, decided to replace its previous sound systems for musicians, and invited a number of companies to show them the best solution for the future.

The clear winner for pure acoustic sound was ELEMENTS, as ST Events explain: “We tested a lot of different systems in different price categories. HK Audio’s ELEMENTS was the best… no discussion about this! We loved the ‘warm’ sound, the styling and the fact that it's a very compact system.”

“In particular, the sound of the vocals was the best of all the systems we tested. And that’s very important in rehearsal studios. AB Music, HK Audio’s Belgian distributor, was very supportive in helping us in making the right decision.”

There is now an ELEMENTS Line Base system (each made up of an E 110 SUB AS subwoofer and two E 835 mid/high units) in every corner of the rehearsal room, resulting in a superb, clear sound no matter where the musicians are standing or sitting. And, if they need to boost the bass for any reason, an extra passive E 110 SUB unit is also on hand.

Learn more about ELEMENTS Line Base here.

For more information on ST Events, visit their website: www.st-events.be  


ELEMENTS the perfect PA for PRS 2016 Music Makeover Awards winner

When The Tooth & Claw venue in Inverness, Scotland won the PRS Music Makeover Pubs 2016 award, the natural way to spend the £10,000 prize was on a comprehensive ELEMENTS setup.

The pub was picked by PRS – the UK’s Performing Rights Society – as the winners from over 230 entrants across the country, all of whom had submitted videos explaining why they should receive the award.

The jury included the likes of GRAMMY Award-winning producer Steve Levine, who also advised the pub on the best prize to suit their premises: an ELEMENTS BIG BASE stereo system for the live band area and an ELEMENTS SMART BASE stereo system for the second, smaller live room.

The Tooth & Claw’s Lee Gripton said: “Words cannot describe what this means to us. We’re now in a position to really set our dream in motion. We’ve worked extremely hard to just get to where we are at now. The help from PRS means we can achieve our goals perfectly and really contribute to the ever growing music scene in Inverness!”

Guy Fletcher OBE, PRS Chairman and Music Makeover Judge, said: “We regard pubs as an essential component of our popular music culture; they provide unparalleled opportunities for emerging musical talent to develop their skills and their popularity. Our Music Makeover award gives PRS for Music an annual opportunity to encourage music-loving venues to support local talent and enables them to improve the quality of the music experience for both performers and their audience.”

Click here to learn more about the ELEMENTS range: http://hkaudio.com/products.php?sid=15

Click here to see all the winners of the 2016 PRS Music Makeover Awards: https://www.prsformusic.com/users/customer-portal/rewarding-you/music-makeover/Pages/music-makeover.aspx


Lounging with LUCAS NANO 600 in Beirut

 A stylish new rooftop lounge in bustling Beirut found a creative way to overcome city center sound spillage problems: a PA built up of six LUCAS NANO 600 units.

Fabrk, the newest and coolest hangout in the Lebanese capital, looked to Audiotec Group (HK Audio’s distribution partner in the country) to provide them with an installation solution that would provide first-class sound without annoying the neighbors.

Ralph Choueiri, Audiotec’s Managing Partner, said: “The setup was quite complex as the rooftop is located right in the middle of a building cluster, so lowering sound spillage as much as possible was a prerequisite from the owners.”


In an inspired move, Choueiri and his team installed the six LUCAS NANO 600 speakers around the perimeter of the bar. The result is an incredible sound for Fabrk patrons, an extremely happy Fabrk management team, and a quiet night’s sleep for everyone else in the neighborhood.

 For his part, Choueiri is incredibly pleased with the solution, and to be part of the HK Audio Soundmakers family. “We have been distributing HK Audio for over a year now, and are very pleased with the flexibility that their line of products offer,” he said. “The LUCAS NANO 600 is extremely compact and light, yet extraordinarily powerful. It is packed with technology that makes this small system so flexible: it’s just unbelievable what this small speaker can do!”

Find out more about LUCAS NANO 600 here: http://hkaudio.com/products.php?id=414


HK Audio powers a world record-breaking orchestra at Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena

A vast HK Audio COHEDRA system helped power the biggest orchestra ever assembled to a new world record at Frankfurt’s Wir Fuellen Das Stadion (We’re Filling The Stadium) extravaganza.

The COHEDRA setup had to keep up with more than 7,500 musicians (7,548, to be exact) and the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt orchestra as the record was broken, and it performed admirably in the face of such an unusual application, helping provide an unforgettable experience for the 30,000 people present in the Commerzbank-Arena.

After the world record was achieved, a celebratory concert featuring some of Germany’s biggest popstars brought the evening to a suitably grand close.

HK Audio’s presence around the arena was strong throughout the day, with large LINEAR 5 setups powering two live music stages, and an HK Audio Soundmakers zone where musicians and fans could experience the brand, get up close and personal with products like the LUCAS NANO 608i, and take photographs of themselves against a giant green screen.

Stay tuned for more information and video footage from the day!


HK Audio powers mammoth stadium summer of events in Frankfurt arena

HK Audio is set to power a huge month-long extravaganza of events at Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena this summer, culminating in a world record-breaking weekend on 9/10 July.

Throughout June and the first week of July, a sizeable COHEDRA system will provide the sounds for a series of Euro 2016 public viewing experiences that will be shown on a 550m² screen (the largest in Germany), as well as a number of one-off shows and performances.

The final weekend will see a world record attempt by the world’s largest orchestra – potentially up to 10,000 musicians – at the We’re Filling The Stadium event on Saturday July 9, followed by a concert featuring some of Germany’s leading artists, while the climax of Euro 2016, the tournament’s final, will be shown in the stadium on Sunday July 10.

Such a high-profile program requires a PA to match, making COHEDRA the ideal solution. HK Audio’s expert team has prepared a truly impressive setup for the occasion, with the main PA – backed up with an HK Audio CONTOUR sub array, delay lines, outfill and nearfield elements – set to be installed at the end of May.

Nicolas Petit, HK Audio’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We’re delighted to be soundtracking this remarkable month-and-a-half of events. There will be literally hundreds of thousands of people attending the Commerzbank-Arena over the June and July period, and we’re committed to delivering them an incredible aural experience. With a venue of this size, and such a wide ranging program, it’s a challenge we will certainly relish.”

For more information, visit the relevant websites.

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HK Audio targets installation market with new Business Solutions division

HK Audio has formed a new Business Solutions division, offering highly efficient and acoustically outstanding packages worldwide for installation projects which require special custom solutions.

With a focus on the hospitality sector, HK Audio Business Solutions delivers the company’s 30+ years of ‘Made in Germany’ pro audio experience to customers who are not only looking for exemplary sound reinforcement, but who also want to be able to aesthetically integrate loudspeakers into sophisticated design environments.

To this end, Business Solutions customers will be able to customize their HK Audio system of choice to perfectly suit their needs.

Available in any desired color, and featuring either printed or engraved design elements (such as company logos or slogans), the speakers will end up forming an integral part of the location’s interior design. Different woods are available when selecting cabinet housing, and special coatings can also be ordered that make the speakers weatherproof for outdoor use.

All in all, Business Solutions is the optimum solution for the likes of hotels, restaurants, sport/health/wellness facilities, churches, clubs, conference rooms, and more.

François Lay of the Business Solutions division said: “With the formation of HK Audio Business Solutions, we are now able to provide customers with assistance on any installation project, no matter how complex or high profile. Our dedicated application support and sales team is on hand to help bring together our decades of technical knowledge and forward-thinking design and help take tailor-made sound system solutions to the next level for any business.”

The HK Audio Business Solutions division is already active, and orders can already be placed. For more information, visit the HK Audio website.

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ELEMENTS more affordable and with four new mono systems

HK Audio has made it even easier for Soundmakers to join the ELEMENTS family with the release of four new mono Single Systems at Prolight + Sound 2016 in Frankfurt – and the German sound reinforcement firm is also using the opportunity (new positioning) to make the entire ELEMENTS product portfolio more affordable.

The four new Systems – Easy Base Single, Smart Base Single, Line Base Single and Big Base Single – are mono, single column versions of the bestselling ELEMENTS stereo setups, and are available now.

Taking advantage of all the most-loved ELEMENTS features (line array technology for outstanding sound anywhere in the venue, sophisticated yet low profile looks, and an incredible straightforwardness of use) they represent a perfect new and attainable entry point to the range.

The Single Systems are even more ingeniously simple to set up and transport – being lightweight, diminutive in physical size and almost cable-free to operate – can easily be expanded with additional subwoofers and/or mid/high units when extra power is needed, and they are available on the new ELEMENTS pricing scheme, which, across the range, amounts to a reduction of up to 25%.

Rüdiger Forse, HK Audio’s Senior Product Manager, said: “We’re delighted to be able to make ELEMENTS more affordable and easier to access for Soundmakers operating at any creative and budget level. Because they’re so easy to use and to build up and down as needed, acts of any size will find a system here that is perfectly suited to them – there’s something for everyone from one man bands to DJs to touring groups, and even for outdoor concerts. And now, with the new attractive pricing, practically anyone can join the ELEMENTS family!”

More information can be found here.


PREMIUM PR:O D: introducing the new generation of a bestseller

HK Audio has bolstered its flagship PREMIUM PR:O range of modular, musician-friendly speakers with five new active fullrange cabinets featuring advanced DSP technology.

Known as PREMIUM PR:O D, the new models boast all the beloved features that have enabled the series to sell more than 150,000 units in the past decade – made in Germany build quality, resonance-resistant, roadworthy wood enclosures, timeless designs and exceptional live music reproduction – as well as state-of-the-art digital technology and intuitive plug and play operation.

The new cabinets benefit from all-new, DSP-powered preamps and the latest generation of ultra-efficient class-D power amps. However, technological advances and improvements in HK Audio’s German manufacturing processes mean that they are more affordable than their predecessors – opening up the new generation of PREMIUM PR:O to a huge global audience of live music makers.

Alexander Wollenberg, HK Audio Product Manager, said: “We’re immensely proud of the fact that PREMIUM PR:O D delivers more sound pressure, noticeably more bass and a more balanced frequency response than its predecessors, and at a cheaper price too.”

Martin Drumm, the HK Audio engineer who developed PREMIUM PR:O D, said: “Our focus this time round was on transparent sound with excellent voice reproduction and midrange qualities, and we’ve certainly achieved that. New components and the low distortion combination of 1" driver and CD horn also mean the D models achieve a full 90° coverage angle – which is hugely advantageous for the user, especially in wider areas over short distances.”

The current active PREMIUM PR:O D range (PR:O 8 A, PR:O 10 XA, PR:O 12 A, PR:O 12 MA, PR:O 15 A, PR:O 15 XA) can still be ordered until further notice. The new models have also been designed to be a perfect acoustic match for the existing PR:O 210 SUB A and PR:O 18 SUB A active subwoofers.

The passive range of PREMIUM PR:O speakers – which was recently augmented by HK Audio’s KEY RACK  1.12 unified amping solutions package – remains unaffected by these changes.

To experience the new PREMIUM PR:O D models in the flesh, visit the HK Audio booth at Prolight + Sound 2016 Frankfurt Hall 3.1 Booth #A81.   For more information visit the PREMIUM PR:O page here.


HK Audio to unveil new products and solutions at Prolight + Sound 2016 in Frankfurt

HK Audio is set to reveal a host of new products and customer-focused solutions at the 2016 Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany, on April 5.

The show will see the exclusive worldwide premiere of a quintet of active loudspeakers, which will be on display alongside all the classic HK Audio system setups.

HK Audio’s product specialists, application support and sales teams will be on hand throughout the show to give visitors the lowdown on the new products and all the solutions, as well as any other information they may require.

The HK Audio booth at Prolight + Sound 2016 is located at Hall 3.1 A81.

For more information, visit the Prolight + Sound website: pls.messefrankfurt.com