Comprehensive HK Audio installation for South Korea’s Nam Seoul Grace church

South Korea’s Nam Seoul Grace church has made a major upgrade to its sound system with the installation of a comprehensive HK Audio setup based around COHEDRA, CONTOUR, VORTIS and ELEMENTS Install products.  

The 1,800 capacity building – which measures 32 meters wide, 32 meters long and 14 meters high – is used as a gymnasium and event hall during the week, and as a church at weekends.  

Because of the venue’s size and the varied events that take place in it, the owners had been searching for an audio upgrade for some time. The previous sound system could not sufficiently reach the church’s upper balcony level, and long delay times meant unclear speech reproduction was common.  

After an HK Audio demonstration from Sama ProSound (HK Audio’s official distribution partner in South Korea) during a Sunday worship service, however, the solution became clear and a new system was planned.  

The installation is composed of COHEDRA and CONTOUR as the main front PA, with VORTIS covering that challenging upper balcony space and ELEMENTS filling in around the sides of the venue.  

For an in-depth case study on the installation see the following report in Worship AVL magazine: https://tinyurl.com/hkaudioinstallation-southkorea  

Equipment list
Main speaker system:

16 x HK Audio COHEDRA CDR 208 S/ T  
8 x HK Audio CDR 210 SUB
4 x HK Audio CT 108
1 x HK Audio FirNet
3 x HK Audio CPQ 10
1 x Lab.gruppen IPD 2400
Balcony speaker system:
2 x HK Audio VR 10810
5 x HK Audio VR 11214
1 x Lab.gruppen IPD 1200
2 x Lab.gruppen IPD 2400
Choir and monitor speakers: 
6 x HK Audio E 435
2 x HK Audio E 110 SUB AS
2 x HK Audio EP1
2 x HK Audio EF 4
6 x HK Audio CT 112
2 x Lab.gruppen IPD 2400