A band's PA has to do a lot of things well - withstand the wear and tear of daily use, serve up plenty of sound pressure, render signals faithfully and deliver a balanced, true sonic image all the way to the back row. But above all, it has to do what every good band-mate does – never let the combo down. If your PA does all that, and adapts flexibly to different sized venues with just a few twists of the wrist, then you will be free to focus on your performance in rehearsals and at gigs.


HK Audio LINEAR 3 active speaker cabinets deliver guaranteed top-notch sound for bands and DJs in every scenario. Easy-to-use, rear-mounted controls provide convenient access to presets that shape the response to deliver excellent results in every situation, even without a sound tech on hand. Plenty of headroom, ample power handling, painstakingly matched premium-quality components, robust construction – it all adds up: LINEAR 3 cabinets are true high-end speakers that deliver on the made-in-Germany quality promise.


The Linear 5 line was designed with the rigors of the road in mind. It's easy on musicians, setting up and handling with phenomenal ease. Each Linear 5 system readily adapts to the given application's performance requirements. Both half-stack and full-stack system are easily configured. Fullrange models with symmetrical and asymmetrical horns are available to achieve optimum coverage patterns and maximum range.


ELEMENTS is the outcome of HK Audio's efforts to pair performance with ultra functional yet stylish design. These stylish systems sound as good as they look, rendering signals with amazing authenticity and authority. The subwoofers reach deep into the frequency spectrum to serve up crisp, rich low end. Bands can even dispense with monitors, become one with their audiences and enjoy an unprecedented musical experience. With few cords and no conventional tripods to fuss with, it sets up in no time at all.
For other Bands applications, you might find the following product lines useful: PREMIUM PR:O , CONTOUR , CONTOUR ARRAY