Musicians & Entertainers
Solo performers, small combos and entertainers need speaker systems that faithfully render the signals of very different sources. Whatever the source – an acoustic guitar, electric piano and vocals or MIDI files – audiences and performers alike expect to hear these signals clearly. And the lone musician needs a lightweight sound system that fits comfortably in an ordinary car and is easy to carry, set up and connect.


Want a PA that you can carry to the venue in one hand? Then LUCAS NANO 300 and NANO 600 are perfect for you. Surprisingly light, compact and so easy to set up, these combinations of subwoofer and satellites deliver remarkably powerful sound. A mono column, a classic 2.1 stereo setup and a powerful stereo twin rig with two NANOs – the options are all yours for the taking. And the versatility doesn't end there: With a mixer built in, this handy little PA does so many things so well, providing sound reinforcement for keyboards, acoustic guitar with vocals, e-drums, garden parties, presentations, games and multimedia.


ELEMENTS affords musicians and entertainers the freedom that comes with owning the right PA for every occasion. Its components can be mixed and matched with extraordinary flexibility. This PA looks stylish, yet it is sleek and unobtrusive. It's practically cordless and phenomenally easy to transport and set up. ELEMENTS speakers show very little inclination to feed back, so it can even be placed behind performers. It delivers exactly the same sonic image to performers and audience alike, so there's no need to fuss with monitors.


Pulsar is sure to delight musicians and entertainers who prefer their rigs in the classic format. The 12" and 15" speakers serve up remarkably balanced fullrange sound, so subwoofers are not needed for most applications. An 18" subwoofer is available for gigs requiring a more muscular low end. Pulsar enclosures provide plenty of headroom for all the usual tasks. With an advanced DSP to control the system, a richly appointed connector panel, and brimming with practical details, Pulsar is a rock-solid rig that makes the most of tried-and-true PA technology.
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