DJs want a rig that gets the job done at parties, weddings, clubs and even outdoors. The sound reinforcement solution has to be brawny enough to serve up big beats and bass lines with massive depth, yet it also has to have the breadth to accurately render the full frequency spectrum. High sound pressure levels and sufficient headroom are must-haves. Weight, size, and looks also matter, as does the effort involved in setting up and connecting the chosen kit.


HK Audio LINEAR 3 active speaker cabinets deliver guaranteed top-notch sound for bands and DJs in every scenario. Easy-to-use, rear-mounted controls provide convenient access to presets that shape the response to deliver excellent results in every situation, even without a sound tech on hand. Plenty of headroom, ample power handling, painstakingly matched premium-quality components, robust construction – it all adds up: LINEAR 3 cabinets are true high-end speakers that deliver on the made-in-Germany quality promise.


DJs who want the loudest speakers in the 1" class opt for HK Audio's Linear 5 line. Loaded with 12" and 15" woofers, the fullrange models pack plenty of punch for many applications. Subwoofers sporting with dual 10" and 12" drivers are also available to beef up the bottom end. They deliver precisely what DJs demand – big, bold sub bass and hair-trigger response to kick-drum signals.


There's different world out there where elegance and performance meet, and HK Audio invites DJs to explore it: ELEMENTS is a practically wireless solution that travels light and sets up in a flash. It can be configured flexibly to satisfy the demands of different gigs. All this makes ELEMENTS the rig of choice for DJs on the go who often take on very different jobs, for example, weddings and corporate events.
For other DJs applications, you might find the following product lines useful: PREMIUM PR:O , LUCAS NANO , LUCAS 2K , CONTOUR