Life on the road is hard on speakers. Gear for hire has to satisfy the demands of myriad musicians and varying venues. Speakers have to sound 'neutral'. They have to come in lightweight, well designed housings that are easily and quickly set up and torn down. And they have to robust and versatile enough to be deployed on stands, in stacks and flown from trusses and pick-points. For decades, HK Audio has been providing the products of choice to hire companies, their customers and musicians around the world. There's a deep and wide well of very different types of speakers to draw on, as well as a rich selection of accessories such as optional rigging hardware, angled speaker mounts, and asymmetrical horns for higher sound pressure levels.


Some rental companies' clients attach as much to importance to elegant looks and foolproof assembly as they do to stellar sound. The HK Audio ELEMENTS series delivers the goods on all fronts. These systems take up little space, so even large rigs for major events fit in an ordinary car, can carried with minimum of exertion and manpower, and handled by a single technician. This portability and utility enables rental companies to deploy their valuable human resources elsewhere, while the sleek look and persuasive performance leave clients deeply satisfied.


The Linear 5 line is the first choice for gigs that require high SPL and crystal-clear sound throughout the dynamic range. The 12" and 15" models make excellent standalone fullrange speakers for smaller PAs. Each unit can also be paired with one or even two subwoofers to pump up the bass. Our engineers refused to entertain any compromise, and precision-tuned each model to excel at its designated task.


Custom speaker components and crossovers, handcrafted birch multiplex housings, ultra tough dual-component coating – with these and many other road-worthy features, ConTour systems can withstand the rigors that rental equipment is routinely called upon to handle. They render voices and music with authority and provide on-stage monitoring for a wide range of applications. The ConTour series is the way to go when your customer expect professional performance.
For other Rental applications, you might find the following product lines useful: SOUNDCADDY