Line Array
These days line arrays are the standard solution for large-scale sound reinforcement. State-of-the-art systems are much more efficient and consistent with coverage patterns that can be calculated down to decimal points. What's more, they leave a much smaller footprint while delivering a much bigger bang for the buck. With their exceptional dynamic range and high-definition audio capability, HK Audio Line Arrays deliver natural sound and excellent speech intelligibility. And that's why our rigs are the preferred option for touring and fixed installation.


The Cohedra Compact line array system is well-suited for a very wide range of applications. Configured in four-piece ground stacks for town fairs or flown in 16-unit arrays for open-air concerts, Cohedra Compact has earned its reputation as the compact line array of choice for the budget-minded. With cutting-edge features such as HF acoustic lens, it delivers the biggest bang for your buck, superior coverage and remarkable speech intelligibility.


Cohedra is deployed around the world by people who refuse to settle for compromises when it comes to tonal definition and reach. Although strictly speaking Cohedra is more a midsized line array, this high-performance PA can easily provide coverage for audiences of up to 20,000. Its dynamic range and true response are stellar, and the flexibility of its components is impressive. Plus there's a fringe benefit: Cohedra takes up very little truck space.


ConTour Array ™ bridges the divide between conventional PA systems and large line arrays. With the benefit of this system, local rental companies and touring top-40 and cover bands can now get into the line array game in style, without busting budgets. Controllers and power amps are built into the ConTour Array's subwoofers. This saves you setup time and space, simplifies handling and ensures you enjoy professional sound at every gig.
For other Line Array applications, you might find the following product lines useful: ELEMENTS , Speaker Management