Install Sound
Installers want speakers with a look of restrained elegance; stylish, sleek cabinets that fit in with the architecture of both modern and historic buildings. They expect nothing short of glorious sound and the best in speech intelligibility. And they want smart appointments such as hardware to aim cabinets, variable mounting options and easy-to-handle accessories. Featuring compatibility with Lab.gruppen’s groundbreaking IPD Controller Amps, HK Audio’s installation range offers comprehensive system solutions for any venue and situation.


CADIS is an exceptionally versatile yet remarkably affordable solution for medium to extra-large installation applications. Configured in arrays with up to 20 cabinets, CADIS gets the job done in larger town halls, musical venues, and football stadiums. It stands out from the competition with its high sound pressure levels – a four-piece CADIS cluster, for example, delivers up to 136 dB. Suitable for ceiling and wall mounting, these IP44-certified rigs offer a host of options for indoor and outdoor deployment.


The VORTIS line of high-end speakers features custom components designed for indoor installation purposes. With a wide range of horn types to choose from, installers can fine-tune the directivity of their chosen VORTIS speakers to suit any given room. An extensive set of accessories for ceiling, wall and cluster mounting is also available. With their sleek, stylish visuals and extensive color options, VORTIS enclosures blend in nicely with every venue.


ELEMENTS is a scalable columnar system offering unbeatable deployment flexibility. Available in black or white as standard, ELEMENTS’ elegant, understated looks ooze quality and blend perfectly with every type of decor. Able to deliver signals across considerable distances with remarkable speech intelligibility, ELEMENTS is the perfect choice for acoustically challenging environments such as churches, atriums, fairs and the like. Subwoofers are also available to extend ELEMENTS’ fullrange performance capabilities.
For other Install Sound applications, you might find the following product lines useful: SOUNDCADDY , Speaker Management , IL Serie