LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System

The LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System is a plug and play compact PA for all musicians and DJs who wants to use their own external mixer.This compact system consists of a LUCAS NANO 602 subwoofer (with satellites integrated in the transport bay) as well as a Stereo Stand Add-On Set. The Add-On Set includes two high quality König & Meyer stands to connect the satellites, as well as two speaker cables featuring Neutrik ® speakON connectors.The LUCAS NANO 602 panel features a classic stereo input, making it the perfect NANO option if you prefer to work with an outboard mixer, DJ controllers, keyboards or MP3 playback devices. Controls on the 602 unit itself include bass and stereo balance, while the system can be switched between mono and stereo, depending on usage.But the best thing about it? Thanks to its compact format you can carry the whole system in one hand and set it up in seconds.

• Plug and play 2.1 stereo system
• Active 10" subwoofer with Anti-Resonance Bracing for a powerful, precise low-end
• Two satellites each with 4.5" broadband woofer and 1" tweeter, featuring groundbreaking MultiCell Transformer technology
• One stereo input (XLR, jack plugs) connects easily to any mixer, keyboard, DJ controller or playback device
• 1500 watts peak power (calc.)
• Frequency response 43-20,000 Hz
• 130 dB max. SPL
• Satellites are mounted inside the subwoofer for transport/storage
• High quality LUCAS NANO Series Stereo Stand Add-On including carry bag (2 x König & Meyer stands for a 2.1 stereo setup, 2 x speaker cables with Neutrik® speakON connectors)
• Can be combined with a LUCAS NANO 600, 608i or another 602 as a Twin Stereo setup (suitable for crowds of up to 200 people depending on conditions)
• Simple handling; assembles in seconds
• Total weight just 22.7 kg

LUCAS NANO 602 stereo system
Product ClassPortable stereo PA system
Audienceup to 120
Max SPL peak130 dB
Frequency response +/- 3 dB43 Hz - 20 kHz
Power Rating460 W (RMS)
Peak power (calc.)1500 W
AmplifierClass D
Active protection circuitsMulitBand limiter, Subsonic filter, Thermo protection, Overload protection
Special FeaturesStereo Stand Add-on is included
EnclosureSurface-coated Polypropylene
Weight22,7 kg / 50,1 lbs
LUCAS NANO 600 Series Satellite
Max SPL peak124 dB (Single Satellite),
130 dB (Satellite Array)@10%THD, half space
Frequency response +/- 3 dB190 Hz - 20 kHz
Mid/High Speaker4,5" Celestion custom-made
HF Driver1" Celestion custom-made
HF hornHK Audio Multicell transformer
Mid/high unit dispersion pattern, horizontal/vertical90° x +10/-45° (Single Satellite),
90° x 30° (Satellite Array)
Pole mount3/8" thread
Dimensions (WxHxD)14,5 x 14,5 x 13,5 cm
Weight1,2 kg / 2,6 lbs.
LUCAS NANO 600 Series
Stereo Stand Add-on

This set consists of two König & Meyer adjustable tripods, two speaker cables with Neutrik® speakon connectors, and a carry bag.


Cable-free, signal carrying distance pole for attaching the satellites to the LUCAS NANO 300 series and LUCAS NANO 600 series subwoofer. Includes carry bag; length adjustable anywhere between 83cm and 137cm.

LUCAS NANO 600 Series
Desk / Wall Mount

These two dual-purpose tabletop tripods/wall mounts let you set mid/high units on a horizontal surface and mount them on walls. Two speaker cords are included.

LUCAS NANO 600 Series
Roller Bag

This padded trolley offers a convenient means of transporting LUCAS NANO 600, 602, 605FX or 608i and protects it against moisture, dirt and damage.

Link Cable

This cable with stereo ¼" (6.3 mm) jack plugs links two LUCAS NANO to configure a twin stereo setup.

Pole Mount Adapter

Designed for LUCAS NANO 300 series and LUCAS NANO 600 series systems, this set consists of two pole mount adapters with Easy-Click locking mechanisms for standard 35 mm poles.

Drum Rack Adapter

2 rods with 3/8" threads, 25 cm long and 18 mm in diameter, that attach to rack clamps

Lucas Nano 602 - Manual 1.1
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Brochures / Catalogs

LUCAS NANO Series Brochure
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LUCAS NANO Series Brochure
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LUCAS NANO 600 Series brochure
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Lucas Nano Family
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Lucas Nano 605 FX Aufbauvarianten
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LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo-System
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LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo-System
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Lucas Nano 602
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Lucas Nano 602
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Lucas Nano 602
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Lucas Nano 602
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Single Right
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Single Left
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Single Frontal
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Single Bottom
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Single back
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Double Right
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Double Left
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Double Frontal
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Lucas Nano 600 Topteil Double Back
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Lucas Nano 600 System
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Lucas Nano 600 Front auf Tisch
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Lucas Nano 600 Family
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Lucas Nano 600 Family
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Lucas Nano 600 Family
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Lucas Nano 600 Family
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1600 x 1068 px
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1600 x 1060 px
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Best of Sound Performance

HK Audio’s acoustical engineers’ research sure paid off: these ultra-compact speakers pack amazing sonic power. Featuring the groundbreaking Multicell Transformer, the tweeters’ crystal-clear response delivers enough superior top end to cover even large rooms. Remarkably light, the subwoofer comes in an enclosure featuring Anti-Resonance Bracing tuned to deliver rich, thick low-end response. And all those glorious signals come at sound pressure levels up to 130dB!

Here’s what all this means for you:

  • Your voice is rendered clearly and assertively, with excellent speech intelligibility all the way to the back row.
  • Your keyboard sounds are amplified exactly as they should be, with their true, unadulterated tones remaining intact.
  • The brilliance of your guitar is captured in a high-definition audio signal that delivers all its characteristic overtones to the far corners of the room.
  • Every instrument and voice is well defined and readily discernible in the mix, thanks to the system’s ample headroom and its ability to deliver richly detailed sonic images.
  • The bass and beat of your music are delivered with power and punch so the energy can be felt throughout the room – your audience can’t help but get up and dance.


Build the perfect LUCAS NANO system for your needs in seconds flat!


LUCAS NANO – make your world sound bigger!

LUCAS NANO satellites’ 90° horizontal directivity is more tightly focused than most other compact sound reinforcement systems’ pattern of throw.

This gives you a huge performance-boosting advantage:

Stereo sound with zero compromise! With this highly directional throw pattern, the earliest reflections occur much further back in the room than they do with stereo systems which feature a wider throw pattern. The earlier that reflections occur, the sooner reflected and direct sound will overlap, with undesirable results like feedback and muddy, unfocused audio (see upper graphic). With a LUCAS NANO stereo setup, however, the direct dispersion – and with it the energy of your sound – is aimed straight at your audience. This means your music and voice carry further out into the room, remaining crisp and articulate all the way up to the high frequency range so that the listeners in the back row can also enjoy well-balanced sound with great speech intelligibility (see lower graphic).

Generic Wide-Angle Stereo PA

(150° dispersion): Sound reflections occur earlier, resulting in a poorer sound quality from the middle of the room outwards.



(90° dispersion): Sound quality and speech intelligibility is superior and consistent all the way to the back of the room..


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