LUCAS 2K15 is the companion of choice for DJs on the go who work weddings, galas, birthdays and similar events. No other portable system can match this compact 2.1 PA’s ability to strike the perfect balance between soothing background music, crisp and articulate speech reinforcement, and huge, dancefloor-filling beats. Its background sound is expansive yet pleasantly unobtrusive. Speeches and announcements sound natural and transparent even in the far corners of the room. And its remarkable headroom provides plenty of power to get the party going with big, beefy bass beats and a beautifully balanced sonic image. Featuring premium-quality components, a newly developed 2,000-watt power amplifier and advanced DSP technology, this system was designed specifically to meet the needs of DJs. Its filters are also tuned to serve mobile DJs well – they make LUCAS 2K15 the perfect all-round sound machine for all types of music signals. What’s more, the compact LUCAS 2K15 can be easily transported by just one person.

  • Active 2.1 stereo PA system
  • Optimized for mobile DJ applications
  • 2,000-watt peak power (calc.)
  • Two satellites with one 8" speaker and one 1" CD horn each
  • 15" bass reflex subwoofer
  • Advanced DSP technology
  • 53 kg total weight
  • HK Audio MultiGrip recessed handles
  • Satellites with milled recessed ErgoGrips for easy handling
  • M20 speaker pole mount
  • 90 x 55° CD horn
  • HK Audio MonoTilt for optimum sound-to-audience alignment
  • Extendable using the LINEAR SUB 1500 A bass add-on
  • Made in Germany
LUCAS 2K15 System
Product ClassStereo PA system
Power Rating670 W (RMS)
Peak power (calc.)2000 W
AmplifierClass D
Active protection circuitsFIR Filtering, 24 dB Subsonic Filter, Peak and RMS Limiters
GrilleMetal grille backed with black acoustic foam
FinishBlack acrylic enamel
Weight53,0 kg / 116,9 lbs.
LUCAS 2K15 Subwoofer
Max SPL peak129 dB@10%THD, Halfspace
Frequency response44 Hz – 130 Hz (+/- 5 dB)
LF Speaker1x 15"
Inputs2x XLR/ 1/4" (6.35 mm) combo inputs
Outputs2x XLR Thru, 2x Satellites Out (Speakon)
Pole mount1x M20 (K&M)
Handles2x HK Audio MultiGrip
Dimensions (WxHxD)48 x 48,5 x 59,5 cm
Weight30,2 kg / 66,6 lbs
LUCAS 2K Satellite
Max SPL peak127 dB@10%THD, Halfspace
Frequency response118 Hz – 18 kHz (+/- 5 dB)
Mid/High Speaker1x 8"
HF Driver1"
Mid/high unit dispersion pattern, horizontal/vertical90° x 55°
InputsSpeaker In (Speakon)
Pole mountHK Audio MonoTilt 3°
Handles1x routed HK Audio ErgoGrip™
Dimensions (WxHxD)26,5 x 41,5 x 29,5 cm
Weight11,4 kg / 25,1 lbs.
L SUB 1500 A

LINEAR SUB 1500 A is a 15” bass reflex subwoofer – a diminutive miracle of power that packs a powerful punch and offers precise playback and an impressive low end (all the way to 45 Hz). This makes this powered sub the perfect bass extension to the ELEMENTS EASY BASE, SMART BASE and LINE BASE systems, or the active 2.1 LUCAS 2K15 system.

Roller Bag

A three-piece, modern protective sleeve set in dark gray. Consists of a subwoofer sleeve with integrated roller board and two satellite sleeves – all three sleeves feature handy circumferential zip openings – for the safe and easy transport and storage of LUCAS 2K.

Speaker Stand Add-On

The ideal accessory kit for satellite and fullrange speakers, the Speaker Stand Add-On Package comes with two aluminum tripod stands and two 7-metre long speaker cables with Speakon® connectors. A practical nylon carry bag rounds out the package.

Speaker Stand Stretch Cover (Tripod Sail)

The Speaker Stand Stretch Cover allows you to stylishly and elegantly conceal your tripod stands, allowing you to aesthetically integrate LUCAS 2K into the atmosphere of the event.

Over the course of an event, the mobile DJ must often meet a number of different audio requirements with a single PA system. As well as getting the party started and the people dancing, the PA is often used for speech applications, or to play unobtrusive background music.



When the party gets really loud and energetic, LUCAS 2K calls on its superior power reserves to deliver powerful bass at high volumes – all the while remaining perfectly balanced.



LUCAS 2K also excels as a PA whenever soft background music is required – for example at celebratory dinners – offering up a full yet pleasantly unobtrusive sound.



LUCAS 2K delivers extremely natural, transparent and easily understandable voice reproduction, making it the perfect solution for wedding speeches, celebratory toasts, or any other conceivable kind of speech application.




 LUCAS 2K15 as a 2.1-System

To achieve the best possible full-range stereo sound with a LUCAS 2K15 system, the subwoofer should be placed centrally, between the two satellites. Used this way, the satellites and subwoofer are optimally coupled in the crossover frequency range, allowing for the highest amount of usable SPL, and the sound can spread evenly throughout the entire room. The two satellites are aimed at the dancefloor, and very slightly turned inwards towards one another. The wide 90° horizontal sound dispersion angle means even the area directly in front of the DJ booth gets great sound, without any unwanted phase cancellation or reflections from walls or ceilings.


LUCAS 2K15 with an L SUB bass extension

When it comes to extending LUCAS 2K, HK Audio recommends only the relevant subwoofers from the LINEAR SUB family. This is because the L SUB basses are a perfect acoustic – and aesthetic – match for LUCAS 2K systems. In this setup, the two subwoofers are typically placed next to each other in a mono cluster, between the satellites. This results in homogenous sound dispersion in the bass and higher frequency ranges. The satellites stand to the left and right of the DJ booth, and are aimed towards the dancefloor. This is the ideal way to enjoy the most bass-rich LUCAS 2K15 sound.

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