Audio is changing. It’s getting leaner, lighter, and lusher. ELEMENTS is the first system to combine the benefits of modern line-array technology with the convenience of ultra compact portable PAs. Discerning musicians, rental companies, DJs, installers and presenters at corporate events are sure to love this system’s look of understated elegance, not to mention its stellar performance.
Designed to grow as you go, there is an ELEMENTS PA well-suited for just about every occasion. The columnar mid/ high units deliver luscious sound with remarkable speech intelligibility all the way to the back row. And the active subwoofers provide plenty of low-end with more than enough juice left to power the mid / high units and subwoofer extensions.
ELEMENTS offers all the benefits of the most advanced speaker technology and none of the hassle that goes into connecting conventional systems’ cords. These PA systems are so compact that they can be transported in ordinary cars with room to spare. Thanks to their lightweight design, setting up is an exercise in convenience. A versatile Install Kit is available to bring the benefits of ELEMENTS’ great sound and look to users who want to put their PAs in place permanently.
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