The new LUCAS NANO series – that's as small as professional audio gets. Ultra compact and exceedingly lightweight, these petit powerhouses are the perfect PAs for musicians and DJs on the go. The many setup options and amazing performance add up to a fascinating new audio experience powered by fascinating new technologies. These advances in engineering are not just limited to LUCAS NANO's astonishing acoustical properties. Users now also enjoy unprecedented freedom and versatility. The choice is all yours – set up a space-savingsingle column or opt for the impressive panoramic sound of a stereo system.A few twists of the wrist are all it takes to turn a LUCAS NANO column into a stereo setup and vice versa.And when your gigs get larger, simply pair two NANOs to create a stereo twin set with double the power and twice as impressive performance.

Lucas Nano Professional Sound to Go.

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LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System

Active PA system for 80 to 120 people (160-200 people in Twin Stereo Setup using two LUCAS NANO systems),One stereo input (XLR, jack plugs) connects easily to any mixer/ keyboard/ DJ controller or playback device, 460 watts, 130 dB max SPL, 1 x 10” subwoofer, 2 x satellites each with 4.5" broadband woofer and 1" tweeter, only 16.3 kg