Speaker Management

Amps, controllers, 19" rack equipment and system software: Collectively, these components provide the power, control and management tools necessary to make the most of HK Audio line array systems and passive speakers' considerable capabilities. If you want to achieve the best possible audio quality, we suggest that you go to the only source of gear that has proven its compatibility in countless applications. Tap the full potential of your system while ensuring utmost operating and reliability.
Our engineers have developed special filter presets, limiter settings and time alignments for touring and permanently installed rigs. So if you wish to render acoustic events with outstanding definition and stellar dynamic response, then opt for HK Audio Speaker Management solutions.
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Patchbay PB-8

2RU patchbay with two Analog In/Thru ports, two AES EBU In/Outs, two Ethernet ports, four amp outputs with various different pin assignments or one NL8 Multi-Out