Riding the volume faders can also alter the overall sound – that’s the nature of loudspeaker technology. But it makes mixing your sound from the stage a nightmare to control. PULSAR was developed specifically with musicians and DJs, those who mix directly from the stage, in mind. The electronic centerpiece in the PULSAR range is an intelligent controller that stabilizes the frequency response and dynamic behavior over an exceptionally wide volume range. We call the results “Consistent Fullrange” – balance in sound, from quiet to loud.

For the perfect sound mixed from the stage.

PL 110 FA

Powered, 1,000 W, 10“/1“, 134 dB max. SPL (peak), 90° x 55° CD horn, DSP controlled, 2 EQ switches, wooden enclosure, M 8 suspension points, DuoTilt, 3 separate Inputs