Over the past few years, line arrays have sparked a real revolution in the market for sound reinforcement systems. Thanks to the extended distances they can cover accurately while avoiding sonic disturbance from unwanted reflections, they represent a quantum leap in sound reinforcement technology. The first large line arrays were soon followed by more compact systems, allowing the benefits of line array technology to be brought to smaller events also. Before creating our own line array, we analysed the sound and technologies used in standard line arrays, and engaged users in discussions about the results of our investigations. From these efforts there emerged a clear vision of a compact line array for large venues that is fully in line with our philosophy of providing natural-sounding reproduction of audio events. Its name is COHEDRA™.

CDR 208 S/T

Passive line array unit, 1000 W (Program), 8 ohms, 2x 8" / 1.4", 80° horizontal, 138dB max. SPL (4x CDR208 S/T), 88 Hz–16 kHz (+/-3 dB), 2x Speakon NL4