Soundmakers are fascinated by sound. By its energy. By the effect it has on audiences and on musicians. They believe that great sound triggers emotions and makes for extraordinary experiences. Sound grips people. It makes them dance, and laugh, and sometimes even cry.

It makes them lose themselves in the moment and forget the world around them. Soundmakers make sure the world’s stages, theaters, concert halls and event venues sound better. They are the people behind good sound, the true heroes of an incredible show – whether they’re on the stage themselves or not.

Here at HK Audio, we develop professional and innovative products for Soundmakers: products that give them the easiest way to the best sound. But it’s way more than that. We give them a stage, and a home.


“I just love to entertain people. All I need is my keyboard and my voice, plus a PA system that can faithfully transport the magic in my sound.”


„A great show needs a great sound. But to us, it’s more than that. Every time we step on stage, our sound is the inspiration for a life-changing performance.“


„My biggest thrill is when I spin the perfect tune and the dancefloor just goes crazy! That creates an energy I can only find with a great sound system to back me up.“


„The energy of a great live sound flows from the band through the PA and straight into the audience. It penetrates the whole show. I just love to control that energy!“


„After months of planning, testing and finding the perfect sound solution for a venue, for me it’s all about that moment when a project truly comes to life.“

The HK Audio team

at HK Audio HQ, St. Wendel, Germany

Our passion for music is what drives us; our fascination with sound is our motivation. Across all the areas of our business – from our R&D team, engineers and production workers through to our sales, marketing and customer service departments – we’re united by a common goal: we’re all working to make sure the world sounds a little bit better every day.

We are Soundmakers