Term of warranty: 5 years for all HK Audio products

1. What our warranty covers?

The distributor of HK AUDIO products (Music & Sales P.E. GmbH, Tritschlerstr. 3, 66606 St. Wendel, Germany), acting as a warrantor, extends a warranty for new products covering defects in material or workmanship for a period of five years from the date of purchase in accordance with these warranty conditions:

  1. The warranty covers the remedy of defects found in material or workmanship at no charge. The warrantor reserves the right at his option to repair or replace the product. Replaced parts shall without exception become the property of the warrantor. The replacement part or product may be new or refurbished, and is warranted for a period equal to the remaining warranty period of the replaced part of product. The warrantor reserves the right to substitute a part or product of equal or superior quality if the replacement part or product is no longer available.
  2. Warranty claims shall be without exception asserted only by presenting the original purchase receipt. The product shall be submitted without exception exclusively to the dealer from whom the product was purchased because solely this dealer is responsible for its further processing. If this is not possible, the customer should submit the warranty claim to the reseller in the country in which the product was purchased, to be found at www. hkaudio.com. If this is also not possible, the customer should contact Music & Sales P.E. GmbH, Germany.
  3. Under this warranty, the warrantor assumes no further liability and shall not be responsible for loss of revenue or profits resulting from the use or the malfunction of the product.
  4. If during an inspection of the product the authorized dealer, distributor, or warrantor finds that the defect is not covered by warranty or that the term of the warranty has expired, the customer is liable for the costs of inspection and repair.
  5. Warranties are nontransferable.
  6. Shipping costs from the customer to the authorized dealer, distributor, or warrantor shall not be assumed. If a warranty claim is valid, the costs of return shipping to the customer shall be assumed.
  7. Warranty rights do not replace the statutory guarantees or other consumer rights to which the customer is entitled according to the laws of the country in which the dealer is based. These rights coexist.

2. What voids the warranty?

The warranty is void if

  1. the authorized dealer, distributor, or warrantor determines that the product has been damaged by improper or faulty handling, installation, transport, or service, failure to comply with the operating manual instructions, application errors, misuse, extraneous cause, or as the result of a repair or modification not carried out by the authorized dealer, distributor or warrantor, or natural wear and tear,
  2. the serial number of the device has been removed, defaced, or in any other way rendered illegible,
  3. non-original parts have been installed in the device.
  4. the product was not purchased as a factory-new good from an authorized HK AUDIO dealer.

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