LINEAR 9 is not just a product for professional sound reinforcement – it is a comprehensive solution that sets new standards when it comes to maximum sound pressure level, throw and scalability. There’s also an easy-to-use remote software application, which can be used to control not only the DSP but also the unique DSP Out. This flexible solution with smart features is suitable for the demanding everyday conditions of touring life thanks to the resistant construction and coating of the cabinets.

LINEAR 9 is the new flagship model in the extensive HK Audio LINEAR family. This new class of speaker was developed with the needs and demands of rental companies and event companies in mind, all of whom require a reliable, versatile, future-proof, economical and, at the same time, acoustically and mechanically superior sound tool suitable for many years of daily use.

These requirements are fulfilled in every detail of the LINEAR 9 models: speaker components selected without compromise, precise sound guides specially developed for the series, PU-coated birch multiplex cabinets, generously dimensioned Class D power amplifiers of the latest generation, professional PowerCon power connections and, last but not least, their development and manufacture in our factory in St. Wendel (Germany) make the LINEAR 9 speakers exceptionally powerful and valuable alternatives in their class.

Powerful and wide – coverage without loss of sound

LINEAR 9 is a great choice for both its mid/high units and its subwoofers, with outstanding low-frequency sound pressure levels. The sound quality that HK Audio is famous for is even impressively maintained right up to the back row of the audience.


Both the LINEAR 9 210 LTA, which can be scaled for any conceivable application thanks to the possibility of horizontal clustering, and the two flexible subwoofers, which can reproduce countless subwoofer setups, demonstrate the system’s technical as well as economic scalability.

Durable quality – even beyond the depreciation period

The robust birch multiplex enclosures with resistant PU coating protect the individual speakers not only from wind and the elements but also during transport from the storage to the venue and back again. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing in Germany and carefully selected materials, each and every LINEAR 9 speaker will last far longer than its initial investment would suggest.


The LINEAR 9 family has a high-performance integrated DSP with additional DSP Out. The DSP not only allows users to access the right presets directly on the speakers, but also to set up larger systems on a Mac or PC using an Ethernet connection and even make adjustments mid-event. The DSP Out also makes it possible to integrate a non-networked speaker and process its signal with the DSP CONTROL software.

Professional equipment

All LINEAR 9 speakers have professional connections for safe and smooth operation in the demanding day-to-day rental business. For example, both the mid/high units and the subwoofers have lockable PowerCon and EtherCon connections. All the speaker chassis and drivers used have been specially developed for HK Audio and come from premier suppliers.

Multifunctional cabinet for an even wider range of applications

Thanks to their cabinet shape with integrated 30° slant, the multifunctional speakers are also suitable for use as transverse stage monitors. Both models offer a preset optimised for use as a monitor, which compensates for the overemphasis of the low frequencies caused by ground coupling. The practical functionality is rounded off by the standard rigging points. The combination of a multifunctional cabinet and practical features allows the XA models to be used not only as stage monitors, but also as the ideal front, side or near-fill addition to a larger setup consisting of the LINEAR 9 210 LTA.


  • Professional point source family with 2 x 10″ high-performance mid/high unit, two multifunctional speakers with 10″ and 12″ configuration and two powerful 18″ subwoofers
  • Scalable system through horizontal clustering of the LINEAR 9 210 LTA and the Cardioid-compatible subwoofers
  • HK Audio’s custom-designed, rotatable multicell transformer for maximum sound pressure with unprecedented sonic depth
  • Modern and updatable DSP at the heart of every LINEAR 9 speaker, with numerous functions such as limiter, 10-band EQ, delay and grouping
  • Non-networked speakers can be integrated into the LINEAR 9 network through DSP Out and controlled via the DSP CONTROL software
  • Straightforward setup thanks to the lockable PowerCon and PowerCon Link connectors along with the wide-range power supply
  • Professional, balanced XLR inputs and outputs and lockable EtherCon connectors
  • HK Audio DuoTilt for all mid/high units enables optimal adjustment of the dispersion pattern
  • Road-ready features thanks to sturdy birch multiplex cabinet and resistant PU coating
  • Durable quality thanks to high-quality materials


Remote Control – The next level
All LINEAR 9 series speakers can be conveniently remote controlled from the FoH position using the free HK Audio DSP CONTROL software. Available free of charge for Mac and PC, the software includes the following features for speaker customisation:

  • Fully parametric 10-band EQ
  • Tuneable high and low pass filters
  • Delay, Limiter, Mute, Invert and Volume
  • Preset management

Grouping and project planning

In addition to the existing features, the latest version of HK Audio DSP CONTROL offers the possibility to create groups, providing additional functions such as group EQ, group mute and group volume. What’s more, Virtual Units can be used to plan projects in advance without an attached system and to assign them to the actual speakers later.

Simple connection

The LINEAR 9 family of speakers can be connected easily and effectively to a computer on which DSP CONTROL has been installed using daisy-chain cabling. This connection uses professional EtherCon connectors, which allow a safe connection throughout operation.


Exceptional performance in a scalable package
As a pure mid/high unit equipped with a rotating 60° x 25° horn with a powerful 1.4" driver and two vertically arranged 10" speakers, which are additionally directed by a carefully calculated sound guide, this speaker achieves remarkably high efficiency. The perfect interplay of these components with the powerful electronics and the large sound guides delivers impressive results with clearly defined directivity at a constant frequency.

The LINEAR 9 210 LTA is the ultimate mid/high unit within the LINEAR 9 family due to its enormous throw and power. The 210 LTA is particularly impressive in applications where the sound requirements demand the creation of a horizontal cluster or straightforward flying capabilities.


Optimised horns for perfect dispersion behaviour

The dispersion angle of each speaker’s horn is optimised for its intended use. The LINEAR 9 110 XA 10" speaker is equipped with an 80° x 60° wide dispersion horn for homogeneous near-field dispersion. It can be rigged either via the rigging points (steel cables or chains in combination with the AP-8 attachment point) or with the TB-28N tilt bracket.


Optimised horns for perfect dispersion behaviour

The dispersion angle of each speaker’s horn is optimised for its intended use. The 12" LINEAR 9 112 XA speaker offers a dispersion angle of 70° x 50 for medium sound coverage depths. It can be rigged either via the rigging points (steel cables or chains in combination with the AP-8 attachment point) or with the TB-28N tilt bracket.

LINEAR 9 118 Sub A

Compact and precise

The LINEAR 9 118 Sub A is a true powerhouse. Its bass-reflex construction allows for compact dimensions, and weighing in at just 42 kilograms, it is extremely easy to transport. A powerful punch, precise playback and impressive low frequency performance make this active bass the ideal complement to the mid/high units. What’s more, it meets all the requirements for quickly and easily implementing effective cardioid setups, both mechanically and with the available filter sets. Thanks to its stereo preamplifier, it is also ideal for use in 2.1 systems.

LINEAR 9 118 Sub BA

Powerful and deep

The LINEAR 9 118 Sub BA is a powerful 18" dual vented bandpass subwoofer. The generous size of the cabinet allows for an exceptionally high sound pressure level with a low cut-off frequency at the same time. This makes this subwoofer not only a perfect partner for powerful full-range speakers, but also an ideal sub low extension for the direct-radiating LINEAR 9 118 Sub A. Thanks to the integrated presets, cardioid setups can be implemented quickly and easily. The LINEAR 9 118 Sub BA is compatible with all LINEAR 9 Mid/High models.


Rear Protection Plate LINEAR 9 210 LTA


The TB-210NQ is a tilt bracket with quick-release pins for mounting LINEAR 9 210 LTA speakers on truss rods, ceilings, wall brackets, beams and on tripods. Quick mounting on the box is guaranteed thanks to the ball lock pins. Flexible vertical and horizontal alignment is possible. This tilt bracket set can be used for rigging the LINEAR 9 210 LTA either in a single application or as a cluster of two.

Rear Protection Plate LINEAR 9 118 Sub BA

Cover LINEAR 9

Padded transport cover with convenient handle recesses.


Optional flight case for two LINEAR 9 210 LTA speakers and the tilt bracket set.


The TB-28N is a tilt bracket for mounting speaker cabinets on truss rods, ceilings, wall brackets, beams and on tripods. It is compatible with the XA models of the LINEAR 7 and LINEAR 9 series. Flexible vertical and horizontal alignment is possible.

Rear Protection Plate LINEAR 9 118 Sub A/BA


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