LUCAS 2K is the ultimate PA for mobile DJs. When it comes to events such as weddings, galas and other special occasions, this compact 2.1 stereo PA manages the balancing act between discreet background sound, intelligible speech reproduction and high-volume party sound like no other portable system.

When playing quietly in the background, the system sounds full and pleasantly low-key. Speeches and announcements sound natural and transparent and can be understood even in the farthest corner of the room.

And the system’s loud party sound with thumping bass makes the most of its power reserves to produce a powerful, balanced sound.

LUCAS 2K boasts high-quality components, a newly developed 2,000-watt power amp and advanced DSP technology, along with filters that have been specially adapted to meet the needs of mobile DJs. LUCAS 2K is the result of 20 years of LUCAS experience at HK Audio, with over 100,000 systems sold in Europe alone. Consistent technological development and the insights gained from vast customer feedback make LUCAS 2K the best LUCAS we have ever built. And of course, in keeping with LUCAS tradition, it’s Made in Germany.

Easy setup and handling

LUCAS 2K combines state-of-the-art DSP technology and the latest power amp technology in the tried-and-tested 2.1 format. The subwoofers feature HK Audio MultiGrip handles and an M20 flange. The satellites have ergonomic recessed grips. Our LUCAS format guarantees easy handling and intuitive operation, allowing DJs to focus on the job rather than the technology: Simply plug in the controller, the mixer or players with LINE level and get started without stress. It really is “The easiest way to the best sound for DJs”.

The system can be adapted to any location in seconds.

What’s more, LUCAS 2K15 can be easily transported and assembled by one person, in just one trip from the car to the stage.

Made in Germany

LUCAS 2K is developed, produced and distributed from our headquarters in Germany.

We are able to control the production process accurately and reliably, which means we can guarantee the best quality while also maintaining high efficiency. Another advantage of this is that we avoid long transport routes for our European home market.


LUCAS 2K15 is a compact, active stereo PA system with a 2,000-watt power amplifier, a 15″ system subwoofer and 8″/ 1″ satellites.

The system can be transported comfortably by just one person, set up in no time and positioned elegantly in a wide variety of spaces.

LUCAS 2K15 is just as impressive for speeches at special events as it is for the high-volume sound system used by a DJ or band at the party afterwards.

LUCAS 2K provides full stereo sound across the entire frequency spectrum and at any volume.

LUCAS 2K15 System

LUCAS 2K Satellite

LUCAS 2K15 Subwoofer


LUCAS 2K18 is equipped with 8″/1″ satellites as well as an 18″ system subwoofer, providing even more low bass than LUCAS 2K15.

With a power amplifier output of 2,000 watts, the LUCAS 2K18 always delivers a perfectly tuned sound, from dinner parties to the dance floor. Turn up the music and the system will draw on its full power reserves to deliver a thumping bass that will get everyone dancing.

LUCAS 2K18 System

LUCAS 2K Satellite

LUCAS 2K18 Subwoofer


LUCAS 2K as a 2.1 system

To achieve the best full-range stereo sound with LUCAS 2K, the subwoofer should be positioned centrally between the two satellites. This allows the subwoofer and satellites to be optimally coupled with each other in the crossover frequency range, meaning that the sound energy is at its highest and the sound can be spread evenly throughout the room.

The two satellites are aimed towards the dance floor and turned in slightly. Thanks to the 90° horizontal dispersion, the area directly in front of the DJ booth gets good sound coverage without any phase cancellation or reflections from walls and ceilings.

LUCAS 2K with LINEAR SUB extension

HK Audio recommends using only the compatible subwoofers from the LINEAR SUB series as bass extensions, as these are the perfect match for the LUCAS 2K, both acoustically and visually.

The subwoofers (the LINEAR SUB 1500 A for the LUCAS 2K15, and the LINEAR SUB 1800 A for the LUCAS 2K18) should ideally be placed side by side in a mono cluster between the two satellites, resulting in a homogeneous sound dispersion in the bass and a higher frequency range.

The satellites are positioned to the left and right of the DJ booth and are aimed towards the dance floor. This is the best way to enjoy the bass-rich LUCAS 2K sound.


Speaker Stand Add On

The set includes two aluminium speaker stands and two speaker cables for Speakon connections. It can be easily stowed and transported in the included convenient nylon carrying bag.

LUCAS 2K Roller Bag

A modern protective cover set in dark grey consisting of a subwoofer cover with integrated wheel board and two satellite covers with all-round zip openings for safe and easy transportation of the LUCAS 2K.


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