HK Audio has created a one-of-a-kind brand-name PA for Native Instruments, the leading maker of software and hardware for audio production and digital DJing. It was just over a year ago that HK Audio, the Saarland-based manufacturer of high-quality sound systems, had unveiled LUCAS 2K 18, a PA tailored for mobile DJs. Courtesy of its remarkable headroom and powerful bass response, this system excels at rendering electronic music. A custom white version of the PA figured prominently on the Hands On Haptic tour, a Native Instruments road show to present the company’s newly released DJ Controller at stops in 15 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The system’s mid/high units were fitted with the customer’s logos and the label of its celebrated Traktor line of products. With this unique PA, the Berlin-based audio forge underscored its design aesthetic and penchant for outstanding sound, while HK Audio demonstrated its ability to personalize products. Many of the latter’s cabinets can be custom-ordered in any CI-RAL color and fitted with engraved logos. This form of branding is peerless on the market; the quality of its made-in-Germany workmanship is persuasive.

HK Audio’s head of marketing Nico Petit says, “With customers like Native Instruments, we have an excellent opportunity to showcase what we do best – deliver great sound and German workmanship. The white LUCAS2K 18 not only delighted our customer; it also wowed audiences on the Hands On Haptic Tour.”

“Although our new Traktor S2 and S4 Controllers were the main acts of our Hands On Haptic tour, the secret star of the show was the LUCAS 2K 18, specially branded for us by our partner HK Audio. Those in the audience who had overlooked the stylish white satellites certainly knew where our presentation was taking place as soon as the sound check wrapped up,” says GSA marketing manager Michael Opitz.

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