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NEW at HK Audio: LINEAR 9 – The scalable long throw line

A welcome addition to the diversified LINEAR family, LINEAR 9 is the new flagship line of enclosures engineered to satisfy professional users’ discriminating demands. The feature set common to all LINEAR 9 models certainly attests to that professional pedigree with high-performance speakers, custom-engineered horns and acoustic transformers, PU-coated birch-multiplex housings, powerful class-D amplifiers, latest generation DSP-driven controllers, and universal network connectivity.
The LINEAR 9 line’s crown jewel, the LINEAR 9 210 LTA, is an ultra-efficient and responsive audio tool. This advanced constant-curvature, point-source speaker delivers remarkable SPL with plenty of power and punch to rise to very demanding acoustic challenges. The LINEAR 9 family also features two multipurpose models with remarkably compact footprints and two high-performance 18″ subwoofers with a deceptively simple yet highly effective cardioid filtering on board.
All LINEAR 9 models are made in Germany.

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To that end, we design and engineer our entire product range at our headquarters in St. Wendel, Germany, and we build most of them there too. And what do you get when you add more than 30 years of industry-leading know-how and a 5-year warranty to all of that? You get HK Audio – Sound Reinforcement Systems made in Germany.

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