HK Audio is renowned worldwide for delivering the best install solutions for locations/spaces which produce long reverberation times, like churches. Now Yorkville Sound, HK Audio distributor in North America, is supporting spreading the word by helping the Hawaiian Cathedral of St. Andrew achieve a much-needed sound system update.

A comprehensive new ELEMENTS system is now in place, composed of:

  • 2 x E 110 Sub A
  • 2 x E 110
  • 2 x E 435
  • 2 x Install Kit 435 A
  • 2 x E 835

This assures that musical director Todd Beckham can rely on the ultimate clarity of the performances. With a capacity of 450, the sanctuary is not just for prayers and ceremonies, but also a venue for sacred music performed by cathedral musicians and vocalists. Affiliated programs for the musical arts also regularly take place in the Honolulu-based building.