In touch with the market and always on point with customers, HK Audio’s experienced product managers are the pivotal go-betweens for R&D and Sales. Two seasoned audio industry professionals – Andreas Mayerl and Christian Bruß – have now joined HK Audio’s product management to strengthen this team of experts.

Andreas Mayerl, Head of Product Management

Andreas Mayerl has stepped up to take over the management of this strategically vital department. With his great insight into the market, strong grasp of products and enduring ties to the HK Audio brand, he is the perfect choice for this position. Mayerl had been a key member of the HK Audio family from 1990 to 2020, contributing greatly to the brand’s success as a valued export manager and in various other roles.

As the new Head of Product Management, Mayerl will continue to advance the HK Audio portfolio, manage products’ lifecycles, and support Marketing and Sales with his expertise.

“Having been on board to support HK Audio’s growth and success in numerous markets for many years, I got to know these markets’ requirements for professional audio systems. This is why I believe Product Management’s primary job – alongside developing successful products – is to support Sales. And that’s how we’re going to continue growing HK Audio’s global footprint, jointly as a team.”

Christian Bruß, Product Manager

Christian Bruß has joined HK Audio as Product Manager. He has been part of Germany’s professional audio industry since 2005. Having gained a wealth of experience working in sales, product management, and in prestigious recording studios, he has a deep well of expertise and an industry-wide network to draw on.

“As a son of Saarland who is focused on high-end audio products made in Germany, the decision to bring my experience to HK Audio was very much a matter of the heart. I look forward to taking the next big steps into the future of live sound reinforcement with the Product Management team and all my coworkers at HK Audio.”

Music & Sales CSO and CMO Christian Jordan extended a warm welcome to Andreas Mayerl and Christian Bruß: “I am delighted that Andreas Mayerl, a tremendously experienced colleage with an extensive skill-set and a can-do mentality, has returned to our HK Audio team to head up Product Management. We have also found a motivated new colleague in Christian Bruß, who is sure to enrich the Product Management team with his experience and insight into the industry.”

Music & Sales is the Stamer Group’s marketing and sales arm. HK Audio designs, develops and builds professional audio systems for musicians, rental companies and systems vendors. For more than 40 years, the brand has been synonymous with state-of-the-art sound reinforcement solutions made in Germany. Today HK Audio is among the global industry’s most prominent and respected names.

Picture: Andreas Mayerl (l), Christian Bruß (r)