Bucking the general trend of offshoring production, we at HK Audio make nearly all our products in our St. Wendel, Germany facilities. The “made in Germany” philosophy is in our DNA; it’s a key part of our identity.

You can see this for yourself in this video, where Lothar Stamer – our co-founder and CEO – takes you on a personal tour of our St. Wendel headquarters and factory. From the original idea, to the painstaking R&D and engineering process, to the completed product, it’s all here.

Lothar Stamer says: “Made in Germany has been – and always will be – a promise of quality. Here at HK Audio, we have particularly high demands on the quality of a product, which is also reflected in the self-image of the engineers and the production employees.

“The feeling that you have achieved the best possible with your work is a central satisfaction factor in this country. This promotes motivation and a sense of responsibility. Our employees think and deal with the optimization of details on their own initiative, which naturally benefits quality. What’s more, in Germany you have what are probably the world’s highest training standards. All good reasons to label our products with a ‘made in Germany’ seal of quality!”

So, follow Lothar’s invitation, and join him for an exclusive look behind the scenes at HK Audio!


Note: the video is available with subtitles in multiple languages. Just turn on subtitles/closed captions to find yours!