HK Audio has raised the curtain on ELEMENTS GALA, the next evolutionary advance in the German pro audio company’s ELEMENTS series.

An all-in-one stereo columnar system with all the components of a full-blown PA, ELEMENTS GALA features a vastly extended sub-bass range, a top end with even greater definition, and more powerful, punchier low mids.

ELEMENTS GALA comes with all the components needed to get the show started straight away – four E 835 columnar tops (each loaded with eight 3.5” high-performance speakers), a 15” system subwoofer to power the whole operation, two EF 45 bases, two EP 2 extension poles for applications requiring raised speakers, and two LS 10 Speakon cables.

When the venues get very big or the music requires even more muscular bass, ELEMENTS GALA can also be extended using an HK AUDIO L SUB 1500 A subwoofer. It’s a perfect fit, acoustically and visually.

Julian Fischer, HK Audio Product Manager, said: “Over the last couple of years, we asked many avid ELEMENTS users what they want. More bass, loftier highs and stronger low mids were at the top of their wish list. So we came up with a spot-on way of satisfying precisely these wishes – ELEMENTS GALA. We deployed a next-generation digital controller that lets us incisively shape the response. On top of that, our newly developed Class D power amps deliver plenty of power to provide the headroom that this far more dynamic response requires.”

These new electronic components are built into ELEMENTS GALA’s powered subwoofer, helping it to enrich an already stunning audio experience with its impressive low-end performance. The new subwoofer is also available separately for users of legacy ELEMENTS systems who wish to step up to ELEMENTS GALA-style sound quality.

ELEMENTS GALA is available from March 1, 2018 on the European market.