CADIS („Compact Adaptive Installation System“) is a line array system for installations.

It is a high-performance solution package with a particularly attractive price/performance ratio for use in venues such as stadiums, theatres, multi-purpose halls and sports halls.

In addition to the extremely wide range of mounting accessories, CADIS also boasts a high level of resistance to environmental influences. The housing of the CAD 208, for example, is made of thick-walled polyamide, an extra tough, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant plastic.

CADIS also offers limited weather resistance. The standard design meets protection class IP 44 in accordance with EN 60529, which is verified by a test report from TÜV Süd.

Other versions are available straight from the factory, for example with PG cable glands and fixed cabling.

The understated, yet extremely high-quality design allows for a visually discreet installation, as does the convenient three-point rigging.

All products in the CADIS family are available in black and white as standard. Other RAL colours can be supplied on request.

Simulation data in GLL format for EASE and EASE Focus 3 are available to forecast the actual transmission behaviour.

CAD 208

Professional line array for installation, equipped with two 8″ woofers/midrange speakers in polyamide cabinet with bass reflex tuning and special ʎ/4 resonator. Two 1″ tweeters on a shared waveguide with wide opening angle.

Integrated rigging mechanism with 1.5° increments, angle adjustable from 0° to 15°. Weather- and UV-resistant plastic cabinet and a wide range of mounting accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

Limited weather resistance in the standard version with Speakon NL4. Other connection solutions, such as PG cable glands, are optional. For use in combination with the mechanically compatible CAD 115 flyable subwoofer. Available in black and white as standard, RAL colours optional.

Certification: Protection class IP 44 (EN 60529).

CAD 115 Sub

Professional, flyable subwoofer with 15″ neodymium woofer in bass reflex cabinet. Weather-resistant 18 mm birch plywood with two-component lacquer finish, in black or white as standard (RAL colours optional). Front grille made of powder-coated steel with foam backing, two built-in MultiGrips.

Side recessed rigging bars allow mechanical compatibility with the CADIS system. Can be attached to the CADIS Rigging/Stacking Frame and/or mounted on the CADIS Connector Frame in combination with the CAD 208.

Can also be used as a ground-stack base for CADIS systems.


CADIS Rigging/Stacking Frame

Rigging frame for up to 24 CAD 208 mid/high units, also suitable for ground-stack applications in conjunction with the CAD 115 Sub and Connector Set, TÜV/BGV-C1, black

CADIS Connector Frame

The lightweight Connector Frame is used to connect the CAD 115 to the CAD 208. This means a maximum of 10 mid/high units can be installed under a flown CAD 115 Sub.

CADIS Sub Connector Set

The Connector Set can be used to mount the CAD 115 Sub on the standard rigging frame for flown setups or to connect multiple subs on top of each other in ground-stack applications. This gives the stacked system more stability. One connector set contains four metal plates with quick-release pins.

CADIS Wall Mount

The CADIS Wall Mount consists of a T-shaped attachment part with a mounting slide and a wall mounting bracket. A maximum of four mid/high units can be mounted on walls at different angles to ensure the best possible alignment.

MB 7

Ceiling mount with attachment for 20 mm system bolts, includes two M10x12 set screws

MB 6

Wall mount bracket with safety eyelet, includes two M10x12 set screws

ST 1

Sliding connector for T-bracket with safety eyelet, includes two M10x12 set screws and two M8 screws

T 1

T-holder with one mounted connector and two quick-release pins for a maximum of four CAD 208s

CADIS Ceiling Mount

The CADIS Ceiling Mount allows up to three CAD 208 mid/high units to be suspended directly from the ceiling.

Touring Case

For safely transporting four or eight CAD 208s, with 100 mm blue wheels

CAD 115 Wheelboard

Removable wheelboard with butterfly latches for CAD 115 Sub, with 100 mm blue wheels


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