HK Audio CONCERT SOUND stands for professional, solid sound reinforcement solutions with the best sound quality, high performance and unrestricted suitability on the road. The individual components of the CONCERT SOUND series CONTOUR and COSMO are perfectly matched to each other and can be combined in any conceivable way, thus covering even complex sound reinforcement scenarios with ease.

High acoustic performance, sophisticated handling and the legendary long-term quality ‘Made in Germany’ have made CONTOUR the first choice of discerning professionals for more than a decade.

The revised CONTOUR X series, adapted to the current needs of professional rental companies, carries this claim into the next generation. The most advanced components, the latest measurement and simulation methods and relentless practical tests, based on the wishes and ideas that experienced users have asked for.

Acoustic performance

The HK Audio acoustic developers have set themselves the task of maximising the acoustic performance with constant, high sound quality from the compact cabinets of the CONCERT SOUND CONTOUR X series.

The impressive bass reproduction is ensured by comprehensive and modern high-performance woofers from renowned manufacturers. The newly developed horns with a particularly large mouth opening enable strikingly detailed mid-range resolution with ultra-precise coverage. In addition, there is an invaluable advantage in practice: significantly minimised distortion increases the usable maximum sound pressure level by several dB.

The 24 dB crossovers can also be used with power amplifiers without a suitable DSP preset, which also saves power amplifier channels. The high Q factor ensures very good separation between the mid and high frequencies and the narrower frequency overlap significantly improves the dispersion behaviour.

MCT horn

The CX 210 LT long-throw mid/high unit utilises the 60° x 25° MCT horn with a powerful 1.4″ driver and 3″ voice coil, which can be rotated for cluster operation. The Multicell Transformer (MCT) developed by HK Audio enables a particularly high degree of efficiency thanks to a carefully calculated and large-format sound guide consisting of many small horns of different sizes and lengths. It impresses with an extremely high sound pressure level and a clearly defined, frequency-constant directional behaviour. Interfering horn resonances are pushed above the transmission range, which minimises distortion and reduces distortion.


The solid birch plywood design of the new CONTOUR X series’ housings is built to withstand years of hard use on the road. This is also ensured by the extremely resistant PU coating and the anti-corrosive finish on the steel front grilles. The CONTOUR X speakers’ compliance with IP 44 ratings proves that they offer outstanding protection against dirt and moisture ingress.

ICF (Integrated Cluster and Flyware)

The Integrated Cluster and Flyware (ICF) was specially developed for the CX 210 LT and simplifies the flying and clustering of the mid/high unit thanks to a mechanism integrated into the loudspeaker. Thanks to the ICF, the CX 210 LT can be flown with optimum angles at just one suspension point, even without the optional tilt rail. It allows CX 210 LT speakers to be flown as clusters of 2, 3 or 4 in no time at all. Horizontal arrays of any size can be realised with the ICF’s integrated connectors.


The extremely wide array of practical features makes for a particularly diverse range of applications. These include the rotatable horns, the four NL4 Speakon sockets with pin assignment switch, the two usable monitor angles and the numerous rigging and mounting options, to name but a few. The ‘ready-to-go’ acoustic tuning is yet another aspect that makes it easy to ensure a professional sound result, even without a controller.


CONTOUR X was planned from the outset to be an integrative part of the new HK AUDIO rental portfolio. In practice, this means that the power amp racks, software and C SUB series subwoofers fit seamlessly with both CONTOUR X and the COSMO line arrays. This saves money, training time and storage space.

Speech amplification, on-stage monitoring, club PA, front fills – CONTOUR X is the perfect match for almost any application at the highest level.

Filter presets for Lab.Gruppen and Powersoft

Optimally configured filter presets for Lake and Armonia+ software allow ideal acoustical speaker tuning. Perfectly tuned FIR filters with linearised phase response and IIR filters for latency-critical applications enable problem-free use in combination with all models of the CX and COSMO family.

CX 8

The CX 8 is a particularly compact but extremely powerful and flexible point source. Remarkable features of the CX 8 include its above-average efficiency and deep frequency spectrum. Top-quality components and the sophisticated crossover guarantee precise signal resolution and high maximum sound pressure levels.

A high-frequency horn newly developed using BEM simulation ensures even directivity up to the very highest frequencies.

Whether as an unobtrusive high-performance stage monitor, an elegant front-fill on the edge of the stage or a compact club PA system together with a CS 118 or CS 218 subwoofer, the CX 8 always ensures first-class results.

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CX 12

The CX 12 is a compact, multifunctional high-power point sound source that guarantees the highest quality results in a wide range of applications.

Outstanding features include the exceptionally high usable sound pressure level and excellent fidelity. The homogeneous phase response, the remarkably wide dynamic range and the BEM (Boundary Element Method)-optimized high-frequency horn form the basis for a strikingly detailed resolution, a very precise dispersion pattern and simple clustering.

For symmetrical monitor arrangements, the CX 12 is available in both left and right cabinet versions. It is suitable for a range of areas of application, from full-range to close-range sound applications with high SPL requirements to applications as an FoH mid-high unit, frontfill, sidefill or drumfill, as well as monitoring on large stages.

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CX 15

The CX 15 is a compact, multifunctional point source with extended bass response. The CX 15 has a very high load capacity, outstandingly low distortion and high efficiency. This results in an extraordinarily high usable sound pressure level, which is achieved by the large 1.4″ high-frequency horn as well as the woofer with an exceptionally resilient 3.5″ voice coil.

Added to this is the extended low-frequency range, making the CX 15 ideal for bass-intensive applications (e.g. as a drumfill) or as an unobtrusive FoH system with a strong bass. Like every CONTOUR X model, it has a very analytical resolution and exemplary fidelity.

The CX 15 easily covers full-range sound applications, close-range sound applications with high SPL requirements, e.g. as an FoH top, frontfill, sidefill or drumfill, and monitoring on large stages. To create symmetrical monitor pairs, the CX 15 is available in both left and right versions.

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CX 210 LT

CX 210 LT is a long-throw point-source loudspeaker that fulfils the highest demands in terms of workmanship, sound quality and sound pressure. It complements the CONTOUR X series with a flexible and particularly powerful sound reinforcement tool – as a mid/high unit of a main PA, frontfill, sidefill or outfill.

The large horn with MCT (Multicell Transformer), which can be rotated for cluster operation, offers very precise dispersion and even and defined coverage of the area to be sounded. The high-quality, passive 24dB/oct. crossover saves power amplifier channels and enables use even without a suitable DSP filter. High-strength birch multiplex with a resistant PU coating makes the cabinet robust and suitable for daily use on the road.

The integrated ICF (Integrated Cluster and Flyware) mechanism allows cluster setups in no time at all – without additional cluster and flying hardware. With the optional CRX-210 tilt rail, the CX 201 LT can be flown single or with up to four CONTOUR X 210 LTs in a horizontal array at any angle.

Filter presets for Lab.Gruppen and Powersoft offer acoustically ideal tuning of the speakers for clusters of 1 to 4 or in combination with CONTOUR or COSMO systems.

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The TB-XNQ is a tilt bracket for mounting speaker cabinets on truss rods, ceilings, wall brackets, beams and on tripods. It is compatible with the CONTOUR CX 12 and CX 15 speakers. Quick mounting on the box is guaranteed thanks to the ball lock pins. Flexible vertical and horizontal alignment is possible.

The TB-XNQ can be loaded with up to 70 kg WLL, with a safety factor of 5. Under DGUV-V 17 (German Statutory Accident Insurance Association Regulation 17), the permissible load capacity is thus up to 35 kg.


The TB-210NQ is a tilt bracket with quick release pins for mounting the CONTOUR X 210 LT on truss, ceilings, wall brackets, beams and tripods. Quick mounting on the box is ensured by means of quick release pins. Flexible vertical and horizontal alignment is possible. With this flying bracket set, CONTOUR X 210 LT can be used either as a single application or as a cluster of 2.


The TB-X8 (formerly MS 1) serves as a rigging and mounting bracket for the CX 8 speaker cabinet. The bracket is attached to the side panel and allows infinite tilt adjustment.
Also for use with IL 8.1 and IL 82.

CONTOUR X Series Cover

Padded, lockable transport protection cover for road-proof transportation.

CONTOUR X Flightcases

Optional flight cases in black for 4 x CX 8, 4 x CX 12, 2 x CX 12 and 2 x CX 15.


With a load capacity of up to 360 kg (WLL), the AP-8 attachment point allows for the safe installation of speaker cabinets with M8 rigging points on steel cables or chains. Suitable for CX 8.


With a load capacity of up to 360 kg (WLL), the AP-10/B attachment point allows for the safe installation of speaker cabinets with M10 rigging points on steel cables or chains. Suitable for CX 12 and CX 15.

Rigging bar CXR-210

With the optional tilt rail, up to four CONTOUR X 210 LT can be flown easily and at any angle in a horizontal array.


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