Extended remote controlling

Until recently, only the large touring system price category made it possible to control every mid/high unit, every subwoofer and every stage monitor centrally from the FoH position. This modern and highly efficient workflow is now also available in professional point source and column systems thanks to the network-compatible HK Audio speakers in the LINEAR and ELEMENTS series. Every single speaker on the network can be accessed centrally from a Mac or PC, and its volume, EQ, limiting, delay and polarity can be controlled in detail.

Equalizer / EQ display

The Equalizer offers more than ten individually configurable filters. Whether Bell, Notch, All Pass, Low Shelf, High Shelf, Band Pass, High Pass or Low Pass, entering the values or sliding them in the graphical view of the EQ display gives you full control over the frequency response.


Recurring venues with recurring acoustic challenges used to be major time sinks when it came to sound checks. Thanks to the option to store presets, this is now a thing of the past. Simply save the optimum settings and load them directly on the speaker or from the DSP CONTROL software.


One extra-special feature that is only available in the network-compatible LINEAR series is that an additional, non-network-compatible active speaker (e.g. from the LINEAR 3 series) can be integrated into the network via DSP Out and then all parameters individually remote controlled. This ensures that existing infrastructure retains its value as well as its future viability. A fully parametric 10-band EQ, high-pass filter, low-pass filter, delay, polarity and limiting are available independently for both the speakers and DSP-Out.

Group functions

It has never been easier to organise a complex setup with a multitude of network-compatible HK Audio speakers. Whether you want to separate the left and right sides in a stereo setup or control several speakers in different rooms, this can be done in no time at all with groups. The DSP CONTROL software offers the possibility to access functions such as equalizer, limiter, volume and mute through sub and main groups.

Wink Button

Wink at your LINEAR 7 or LINEAR 9 speaker and it will flash back. When you ping the speakers with the Wink button, several LED signals will flash on the speaker, making it easy to spot the respective speaker, even in darker locations.


The Delay function makes it possible to set the ideal delay times in user-defined units. This allows you to create delay lines, for example, to produce the best sound experience at any point in the audience.

Virtual Units

Want to plan your setup in advance? Want to bundle speakers into groups beforehand and organise them by foyer, main room, outdoor and bar floor? Not a problem! HK Audio DSP CONTROL lets you get started even without speakers. Virtual Units give you the option of working with virtual speakers and replacing them on site with the network-compatible speakers in the LINEAR series at the click of a mouse.


If you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the DSP CONTROL software, please contact our DSP CONTROL support team directly at the following email address:


Please describe the problem as precisely as possible and state your HK Audio products, as well as the firmware version of the software and the speakers. You can find information on this in the DSP CONTROL menu bar under Help -> About.


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