At PL&S 2019, the German loudspeaker manufacturer brand HK Audio unveiled the SI (“System Integrator”) SERIES, a family of speakers tailored to meet the demanding needs of today’s installation market.

The P10i and P10j high-performance column speakers were the first in the series to be successfully launched on the market. The series now is being expanded with the addition of two completely newly developed subwoofer models under the names S210 V (protection class IP 44) and S210 P (protection class IP 66).

In cooperation with planners and installers, the SI SERIES has been made fit for practical use with technical and normative features as well as a variety of installation options and detailed solutions. In many respects, the speakers in this series offer truly unique solutions!

The new S210 V subwoofer is equipped with 2×10″ woofers and a large bass reflex port, which reduces unwanted flow noise due to its exponential contour. The cabinet has been optimised for installation purposes and kept as flat as possible. There are several mounting points as standard, where the optional U-bracket can be attached. This means it can be installed on walls and ceilings, or even flown. The S210 V can be installed in protected outdoor areas and is rated with protection class IP 44.

The second subwoofer model, the S210 P, is equipped with 2×10″ woofers on the front and 2×10″ passive radiators on the rear. This is the first time HK Audio has used passive radiators in an installation subwoofer. These are specially designed transducers that, unlike conventional speakers, have no magnets and no voice coil. Instead, carefully tuned resonators with additional weight are used. This technology delivers significantly increased low-frequency output compared to a simple, closed cabinet. The S210 P was developed for use in the harshest of environments. It has been tested and certified with protection class IP 66. Together with the SI SERIES P10 column speakers, they form a complete system with protection class IP 66. This solution package is unique in the world and allows for uncompromising audio quality even under the harshest of environmental conditions!

For more information on all new HK Audio products as well as full technical features, visit: SI SERIES