Ten years ago, ELEMENTS changed the audio world for good. Before that, slim line arrays were associated with acoustically unpleasant church installations – that is, until ELEMENTS came along. Combining elegance with professional sound power and developed using the finest speaker components, it was the first scalable line source solution, setting standards that are still relevant today.

The new ELEMENTS D continues to systematically apply these standards and combines them with the far-reaching possibilities of modern digital technology. The 96 kHz controller, a powerful tool in the hands of experienced developers, provides significantly improved audio performance all round.

At the same time, with new features such as networking, remote control and the effective yet spectacularly simple Cardioid function, it now lives up to the increased demands of professional users.

Ingeniously simple sound

ELEMENTS D truly shines thanks to its astonishingly transparent sound all the way up to the top end – without the need for a tweeter. This is the result of some revolutionary engineering: The custom-designed 3.5-inch speakers have been modified so that the diaphragms significantly extend the high-frequency range. The arrangement of the speakers also creates a genuine line array effect, giving your audience an unobtrusive yet very defined sound wherever they are in the room; never too loud at the front, never too quiet at the back.

You can even set up ELEMENTS to the side behind the band, as there is hardly any feedback within the line height. This creates such a direct connection between the musicians and the audience that nothing else comes close – apart from perhaps completely acoustic music around the campfire. Enjoy a stimulating natural experience by conjuring up a shared sound field!

Ingeniously simple setup

The best cable is… no cable at all!

Thanks to the ingenious E-Connect coupler, you can set up ELEMENTS in seconds.

Heaving huge speakers onto heavy stands that take up far too much space is a thing of the past. The lightweight system can be effortlessly set up and ready to play in just a few steps.

The ELEMENTS system subwoofers small footprint compared to that of a tripod gives you some much welcomed flexibility when setting it up. With very little feedback, you can place the system where it best suits your situation: in front of, next to, or to the side behind the band.

Ingeniously simple portability

Thanks to its advanced, highly efficient speaker and power amplifier technology, ELEMENTS D is exceptionally lightweight for its performance capabilities. Transporting all the ELEMENTS D components is a breeze – even alone.

Intelligently designed handles on the subwoofers and practical carrying bags for the mid/high units make handling a walk in the park.

And, thanks to its compact dimensions, you can easily pack ELEMENTS D into any car– that’s truly revolutionary for a full PA system.

Ingeniously simple expandability

ELEMENTS D is the only columnar PA that you can configure, change and expand with absolute flexibility. The active subwoofer E 115 Sub D provides not only the sound foundation but also massive power for adding more mid/high units. If even more low bass is needed, you can expand the ELEMENTS systems with the LINEAR SUB 1500 A. The subwoofer can be integrated perfectly into ELEMENTS setups, acoustically as well as visually.

Unlike most other columnar systems, this gives you the benefit of true line array technology. The mid/high units combine to create acoustically precise and homogeneous sound in systems of all sizes.

ELEMENTS D is the PA system that grows with your demands.


Our engineers developed the E 835 mid/high unit to ensure even more flexibility for larger setups. It is equipped with eight 3.5″ full-range speakers and has a power rating of 300 watts with 8 ohms impedance. The E 835 is recommended for use wherever mechanical connections need to be reduced to a minimum. The E 835 can be combined with other E 435 mid/high units at any time, as the technical and acoustic design is identical.

  • Scalable mid/high unit with line source technology
  • Homogeneous and targeted directivity
  • Durable aluminium cabinet
  • E-Connect signal link
  • Very lightweight (4.5 kg)
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E 115 SUB D

Compared to the subwoofers already available in the ELEMENTS family, the new ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D subwoofer delivers significantly increased bass performance. In combination with the 1500-watt power amplifier, the 15″ woofer achieves considerably more sound pressure right into the low end. As a system subwoofer, it also offers a 900-watt power amplifier as a powerful drive for up to three E 835 mid/high units.

  • High-performance 15″ system subwoofer with 2,400 watts total power (1,500 watts for bass and 900 watts for up to three E 835 mid/high units)
  • Integrated, network controllable DSP with 4 presets and Plug’n’Play Cardioid Out
  • Full control over all functions, EQ, limiter, delay, presets etc.
  • HK Audio DSP CONTROL software for full compatibility with LINEAR 7, can be operated together with LINEAR 7 speakers in the same network
  • Subwoofer can be expanded with the LINEAR SUB 1500 A, also as a Cardioid setup
  • Perfect expansion for existing ELEMENTS users thanks to compatibility with E 835/435 and the EP 1/2 and EF 45 accessories
  • Extremely simple handling: even a large Cardioid setup with two 15″ basses and three E835s can be transported in a station wagon and set up by a single person.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty after registration
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Network capable and remote controllable

It is possible to network several ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D basses (including in combination with LINEAR 7 series speakers) and control them centrally, for example from the FoH position. The HK Audio DSP CONTROL software for MacOS and Windows is available for this. It allows you to adjust the volume of the system and the lines, as well as a fully parametric 10-band EQ, tunable high and low pass filters, delay times, limiters and other parameters.

Plug & Play Cardioid – control bass radiation simply and effectively

In more and more event situations, there are clear specifications when it comes to sound distribution. The new ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D also has a practical answer to this: To do this, simply connect the inexpensive HK Audio LINEAR SUB 1500 A to the ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D Cardioid Out. The result is a powerful focusing of the forward bass radiation with rear bass attenuation by around 30 dB.

The perfect upgrade for existing ELEMENTS systems

The new ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D system subwoofer is the optimal basis for a advanced equipped, extremely powerful and scalable line system. One advantage in terms of economy and sustainability is that existing E 835 or E 435 mid/high units can also be integrated into the system.

E 110 SUB AS

The E 110 Sub AS is compact and lightweight. Equipped with two integrated power amps at 600 watts each, it provides the necessary power required for system expansion. That makes this system subwoofer the ideal choice if you’re looking for a flexible expansion to the Elements PA system. The E 110 AS can additionally be used to drive a passive E 110 Sub and up to two E835 mid/high units with a total of 16 full-range speakers.

  • System subwoofer with two 600-watt amplifiers
  • Can be flexibly expanded to create even larger PAs
  • Remarkably compact and powerful
  • Parallel connection of up to four E 435/two E 835 mid/high units and one passive subwoofer
  • Four system filters (can be selected depending on the number of mid/high units connected in a line)
  • 2 x E-Connect system flanges with integrated signal connection
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E 210 SUB AS

There are two 1,200-watt amps at the heart of the E 210 SUB AS system subwoofer. The first power amp drives the two internal 10″ woofers and also has enough power for an external LINEAR Sub 1200 passive sub. The second amp provides the power for up to three E 835 mid/high units (or alternatively six E 435 mid/high units), which corresponds to a power output of 900 watts at 2.6 ohms.

  • Active subwoofer with 2 x 1,200 watts
  • 2 x 10″ woofer
  • Offers the flexibility to cover large sound applications
  • Up to six E 435 / three E 835 line sources can be connected
  • Additional Speakon output for connecting an L SUB 1200 bass extension
  • Four system filters (can be selected based on the number of mid/high line speakers)
  • 2 x E-Connect system flanges with integrated signal connection
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E 110 SUB

This passive sub is the ideal add-on for applications demanding an even more powerful low-end. It draws its power from a connected E 110 Sub AS active subwoofer. It also has an E-Connect flange (without signal routing) for accommodating mid/high units with an amp module.

  • Passive system subwoofer, ideal for enhancing low-end response
  • Remarkably compact and powerful
  • 1 x E-Connect system flange with integrated signal connection
  • Very lightweight (16.5 kg)
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The Smart Base Single is an incredibly flexible and expandable system, making it the perfect PA solution for applications ranging from clubs to medium-sized open-air gigs. For applications where more bass is needed, the system can be expanded with an E 110 SUB passive subwoofer and/or an active LINEAR Sub 1500 A from the Linear series. The 1,200 watt 15″ subwoofer is the first choice for DJ or open-air applications where powerful low-end bass is required. For an even wider mid/high range, a second E 835 can be used instead of the signal-carrying mounting pole.

  • Elegant design
  • Scalable with flexible expansion options
  • Almost completely cable-free
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Maximum configuration up to 2,400 watts
  • 5-year HK Audio warranty

E 835

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The Big Base Single combines the power reserves of a large PA system with all the sound and handling advantages of the ELEMENTS range – and it offers flexible options for expansion, too. The 2,400-watt E 210 SUB AS system subwoofer can drive up to three E 835 mid/high units as well as an additional passive LINEAR Sub 1200. For the ultimate low-end, the system can easily be expanded with the active, 1,200-watt LINEAR Sub 1800 A from the Linear series. For open-air applications, the Elements Big Base can also be combined with larger subarrays.

  • Elegant design
  • Scalable with flexible expansion options
  • Almost completely cable-free
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Maximum configuration up to 4,800 watts
  • 5-year HK Audio warranty

E 835

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The padded bag offers space for four E 435 mid/high units or EA 600 amplifier modules or even two E 835 mid/high units. The mounting poles can also be stowed in the bag.

ELEMENTS Subwoofer Cover

Subwoofers are rarely handled with kid gloves. That’s why this cover has been double padded to protect active and passive subs extremely effectively against transport damage.


The perfect bag for the EF 45 base – can also be carried over the shoulder.


These mounting poles offer that special something, ensuring quick and easy setup in smaller configurations. They are also freely adjustable and offer wireless signal routing for the attached mid/high units via E-Connect.

  • Anodised aluminium with large ring lock
  • Freely adjustable height
    • EP 1: 95-160 cm
  • Integrated E-Connect signal link
  • Very low weight
    • EP 1: 0.8 kg


The EF 45 base provides a pedestal for the mid/high units or speaker mounting pole. Its extendible feet provide a stable, secure platform for mounted ELEMENTS components. The EF 45 has an integrated E-Connect signal bus and 2 parallel NL4 ports.


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