Featuring three multifunctional fullrange models and a powerful subwoofer, the elegant SONAR line of speakers provides a wide range of effective solutions for the most diverse applications.
These enclosures can serve as a remarkably portable PA for speech reinforcement, as professional stage monitors and as an assertive sound system for bands.


The made-in-Germany quality of PREMIUM PR:O is noticeable in every detail. Featuring top-drawer components and advanced DSP technology in resonance-resistant, roadworthy wood enclosures, these speakers deliver the outstanding audio performance their ’premium’ name suggests.
With more than 150,000 units sold this past decade, the comprehensive PREMIUM PR:O range of passive and powered loudspeakers
has raised the bar for modular, musician-friendly sound systems in Europe.


LINEAR 7 is the most advanced range in HK Audio’s industry-leading, made-in-Germany LINEAR series, boasting the range’s most powerful and functional feature set to date. What really sets LINEAR 7 apart as the live tool of choice for pro bands, DJs and PA providers is its state-of-the-art Ethernet-controlled DSP technology, which can even be used to control other LINEAR series speakers using LINEAR 7’s integrated DSP out.


A welcome addition to the diversified LINEAR family, LINEAR 9 is the new flagship line of enclosures engineered to satisfy professional users’ discriminating demands. The feature set common to all LINEAR 9 models certainly attests to that professional pedigree with high-performance speakers, custom-engineered horns and acoustic transformers, PU-coated birch-multiplex housings, powerful class-D amplifiers, latest generation DSP-driven controllers, and universal network connectivity.
The LINEAR 9 line’s crown jewel, the LINEAR 9 210 LTA, is an ultra-efficient and responsive audio tool. This advanced constant-curvature, point-source speaker delivers remarkable SPL with plenty of power and punch to rise to very demanding acoustic challenges.


LINEAR SUBS are system subwoofers that work perfectly with the mid-high units of the LINEAR 3 and LINEAR 5 series.
The system subwoofers all have a stereo input, so in addition to the half-stack or full-stack they can also be used as a 2.1 system or mono-summing sub-cluster.


The C-series models are highly efficient subwoofer for professional live applications. they are optimized for use with the HK AUDIO COSMO and CONTOUR X series.
Lab.Gruppen PLM+ and Powersoft X series high-performance power amps are recommended for use with the C SUB Series. Special filter sets are also available for these controller-driven amps if you wish to configure cardioid or end-fire setups.


CADIS („Compact Adaptive Installation System“) is a line array system for installations. It is a high-performance solution package with a particularly attractive price/performance ratio for use in venues such as stadiums, theatres, multi-purpose halls and sports halls.


With the new SI SERIES („System Integrator“) HK Audio has unveiled a family of speakers tailored to meet the needs of today’s installation market. In cooperation with planners and installers, the products were made fit for practical use with both technical/normative relevant features and a variety of installation options and detailed solutions.