HK Audio LINEAR 3 active speaker cabinets deliver guaranteed top-notch sound for bands and DJs in every scenario. Easy-to-use, rear-mounted controls provide convenient access to presets that shape the response to deliver excellent results in every situation, even without a sound tech on hand.
Plenty of headroom, ample power handling, painstakingly matched premium-quality components, robust construction.


Professional wood cabinets, premium components and innovative technologies make LINEAR 5 the loudest speaker line in its class.
A wide selection of fullrange and long throw solutions, passive and powered models and bespoke controller-driven amps furnishes everything professional bands and PA providers need to get the job done, day in and day out.
What’s more, every option is a premium-quality, flexible and remarkably affordable solution – all made in Germany.


The next logical step in the development of the established and popular LINEAR 5 series. More power with less weight, more compact dimensions, remote controllable DSP technology and cardioid-presets take day-to-day tasks to a new level. Robust wooden cabinets, new multi-function and full-range mid/high units, new subwoofers and extensive accessories for transport and weather protection, rigging and mounting, makes LINEAR 5 MK II a reliable made in Germany workhorse for performers and rental companies.


LINEAR 7 is the most advanced range in HK Audio’s industry-leading, made-in-Germany LINEAR series, boasting the range’s most powerful and functional feature set to date. What really sets LINEAR 7 apart as the live tool of choice for pro bands, DJs and PA providers is its state-of-the-art Ethernet-controlled DSP technology, which can even be used to control other LINEAR series speakers using LINEAR 7’s integrated DSP out.


A welcome addition to the diversified LINEAR family, LINEAR 9 is the new flagship line of enclosures engineered to satisfy professional users’ discriminating demands. The feature set common to all LINEAR 9 models certainly attests to that professional pedigree with high-performance speakers, custom-engineered horns and acoustic transformers, PU-coated birch-multiplex housings, powerful class-D amplifiers, latest generation DSP-driven controllers, and universal network connectivity.
The LINEAR 9 line’s crown jewel, the LINEAR 9 210 LTA, is an ultra-efficient and responsive audio tool. This advanced constant-curvature, point-source speaker delivers remarkable SPL with plenty of power and punch to rise to very demanding acoustic challenges.


ELEMENTS is the first system to combine the benefits of modern line-array technology with the convenience of ultra compact portable PAs.
Discerning musicians, rental companies, DJs, installers and presenters at corporate events are sure to love this system’s look of understated elegance, not to mention its stellar performance.


You’ve never heard ELEMENTS like this before.
ELEMENTS GALA, HK Audio’s column system, combines stylish looks and sophisticated sound in a PA that rises to the lofty standards for up-market events.


LINEAR SUBS are system subwoofers that work perfectly with the mid-high units of the LINEAR 3 and LINEAR 5 series.
The system subwoofers all have a stereo input, so in addition to the half-stack or full-stack they can also be used as a 2.1 system or mono-summing sub-cluster.


HK Audio DSP CONTROL allows remote control of all network-enabled HK Audio speakers, from stage monitors to complete PAs, via Mac and PC. The functions of the powerful DSPs, such as volume, EQing, limiting, delay and polarity, are accessible from anywhere at any time.