POLAR, HK Audio’s new column systems, are an all-in-one sound reinforcement solution tailor-made for discerning musicians, DJs, entertainers, business speakers, schools and churches.
POLAR punches well above its weight, particularly when compared to rival offerings in its class: the system packs a mighty punch, serving up big, bold sound that ranges deep into bass territory, and its impressive feature set boasts – among other things – a four-channel mixer and Bluetooth 5.0.


Featuring three multifunctional fullrange models and a powerful subwoofer, the elegant SONAR line of speakers provides a wide range of effective solutions for the most diverse applications.
These enclosures can serve as a remarkably portable PA for speech reinforcement, as professional stage monitors and as an assertive sound system for bands.


The made-in-Germany quality of PREMIUM PR:O is noticeable in every detail. Featuring top-drawer components and advanced DSP technology in resonance-resistant, roadworthy wood enclosures, these speakers deliver the outstanding audio performance their ’premium’ name suggests.
With more than 150,000 units sold this past decade, the comprehensive PREMIUM PR:O range of passive and powered loudspeakers
has raised the bar for modular, musician-friendly sound systems in Europe.


The PREMIUM PR:O series of passive cabinets consists of six fullrange models: the PR:O 8, PR:O 10 X, PR:O 12, PR:O 12 M, PR:O 15, and PR:O 15 X, and two subwoofers, the PR:O 210 S and the PR:O 18 S. Constructed the tried-and-true way with real wood and featuring a classic timeless design, these cabinets offer made-in-Germany quality and deliver excellent live music performance. Equipped with M8 rigging points, the fullrange models are easy to fly and therefore suitable even for acoustically challenging custom installations. They also render speech with amazing clarity.


With MOVE 8, HK Audio is expanding the PREMIUM PR:O series with a battery-powered multifunctional loudspeaker that offers all musicians, singer-songwriters, presenters and entertainers professional sound in a compact format and at the same time maximum flexibility when no power socket is available. Thanks to innovative features such as remote control via app and the ‘Hot Swap’ function, which allows uninterrupted battery replacement without the use of tools, MOVE 8 delivers virtually endless sound enjoyment for any party, moderation or presentation.