CADIS (“Compact Adaptive Installation System“) is a line array system for installations.
For applications such as stadiums, theatres or sports and multipurpose halls, it represents a powerful solution package with a particularly interesting price/performance ratio.


The C-series models are highly efficient subwoofer for professional live applications. they are optimized for use with the HK AUDIO COSMO and CONTOUR X series.
Lab.Gruppen PLM+ and Powersoft X series high-performance power amps are recommended for use with the C SUB Series. Special filter sets are also available for these controller-driven amps if you wish to configure cardioid or end-fire setups.


With the new SI SERIES („System Integrator“) HK Audio has unveiled a family of speakers tailored to meet the needs of today’s installation market. In cooperation with planners and installers, the products were made fit for practical use with both technical/normative relevant features and a variety of installation options and detailed solutions.


VORTIS is a line of high-performance loudspeakers designed for sophisticated indoor install applications. VORTIS is particularly suitable for applications where the highest demands are placed on sound quality and power handling within a fixed installation. In demanding environments, more than 40 colors are available for visual adaptation, so that interior design or monument conservation regulations can also be implemented “ex works”.


VORTIS 2 is particularly well-suited for applications requiring standards-compliant (voice) alarming as well as high-quality music and speech reinforcement. With this in mind, all models have been certified according to EN 54-24:2008 (type B – outdoor use). Optionally, all VORTIS 2 models are available in an outdoor-suitable IP 55 variant (protected against dust ingress and water jet from a nozzle).


The INSTALLATION LINE is the classic product family for installations from HK Audio. Loudspeakers that have been tried and tested over decades and installed tens of thousands of times underline the well-known quality standard of these products. The ceiling- and wall-mounted of the IL series are used whenever powerful components with high sound quality and a particularly interesting price/performance ratio are required as part of an installation project.